A Lovely Winter Haue Valley Wedding

Lauren & Ryan - December 9, 2017



It All Started With a 1 in a Million Shot

Ah, these two - so sweet and so in love. This love story is also a fun one. Ryan, a street photographer posted a photo on November 13, 2016 on Instagram that would ultimately change their lives forever (shown below this story.)

In the middle of this photo, in a sea of people, you'll find Lauren (circled in red). Exploring St. Louis hashtags, Lauren stumbled across Ryan's Instagram account and followed him. On that November day, Lauren noticed Ryan's photo in her Instagram feed and herself in it. Lauren commented on the photo, the two began talking and kept talking. 

The two finally met in person in early December and both realized there was something special there. (However, in Lauren's words, she "ghosted" for a month after their initial get together.)  He later caught all of her attention with his "piercing blue eyes, infectious smile, and witty sense of humor," and she drew him back in with her "beauty, intellect, and caring nature."

In mid-January Lauren & Ryan went on their first official date to 4Hands Brewing Co, although neither were quite sure at the time if it was actually a date or not. They met again soon with some mutual friends from a local activist group, and by their third date at the Art Museum, and lots of laughter, the two had become completely inseparable. 


Photo by Ryan - Can you spot Lauren?

Photo by Ryan - Can you spot Lauren?


The Proposal

After six months of dating, including Cards games, lots of laughter, and crazy cats, Ryan popped the question in a beautiful proposal at Forest Park. 

Leading up to the big moment, Ryan asked Lauren to go out into the city with him to take pictures (not an unusual request), but Ryan did take an unusual route that day. Instead of heading downtown, the two headed toward Forest Park, but found themselves with no place to park since it was Twilight Tuesday. Lauren suggested they try again another day, but Ryan insisted. They eventually found a parking spot down by the Grand Basin and asked Lauren if she would be in a few pictures. Lauren turned to face the art museum (while Ryan snapped the picture below), and when she turned back to face him he was down on one knee. She quickly agreed to spend forever with him and the two were off moving toward their next life adventure - planning a wedding in 6 months!


Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan


Choosing Haue Valley

From Lauren

"We had looked at a few different venues, but as soon as we walked in to Haue Valley we knew. We were given a tour by Dana and part of the way through the tour, I asked Ryan what he thought of the venue. His response made the decision an easy one, "I just keep picturing you walking down the aisle here." - SOLD! From that moment on, we were in and couldn't be more thrilled with our decision."




The Wedding Day Details

Lauren and Ryan hosted a beautiful December wedding at Haue Valley. Many beautiful moments were captured by Syd & Tony of Chosen Photography (a photographer fiance team also getting married at Haue Valley this year.) Complete Music provided sound and a fun photo booth, and the night was topped off with delicious food from Graze Catering, one of our exclusive caterers, and a beautiful cake from Cake.Happy

In preparation for the big day Ryan found his suit at Mens Warehouse and Lauren's AMAZING blush dress was designed by The Wedding Gallery. 

A complete list of vendor credits can be found at the bottom of this blog post. 




A Note From the Bride

"Since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of getting married in a pink dress. After many unsuccessful bridal consultations, my mother and I stumbled upon The Wedding Gallery in St. Charles. The experience there was AMAZING! With a quick turnaround time on my dress (6 months to design, fit and receive the final product) and a specific idea in my head, the dress was a tall order. We worked with the owner, Nagwa Abdelghfour, and her consultants, to transform the plain strapless gown I had tried on for size, into the blush gown of my dreams. If you have a specific style in mind or would just like a bridal experience specifically catered to you personally, check out The Wedding Gallery."




A Word of Advice for Future Couples

" We did not have a videographer, which is probably our one regret from the wedding. When planning our wedding my brain said, “what do you need a video for? You’ll be there to experience it first hand!” Well, I didn’t realize how quickly that day would fly by and what a whirlwind it would be! There are some things I’m sure I missed and wish I could rewatch to see. The pictures from our photographer are amazing and captured things beautifully, but if you’re debating whether or not to go for the videographer- GO FOR IT!"



Vendor Team



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A Fabulous Fall Wedding in St. Louis

Brittany & Michael - October 27, 2017


Their Love Story

Brittany & Michael's love story started in college in a history of rock and roll music class. (Sounds fun, right?) Michael caught Brittany's attention early on, she in the front row and him in the back. They would chat on class breaks here and there, and Brittany admits she was definitely making up reasons to talk to him! Brittany thought he was something special, but had never caught his name. One day when attendance was called she wrote down his name and (in his words) sent him a creepy Facebook message saying hello. 

Brittany found out Michael was in a serious relationship, and nothing more came out of their chats than a friendship. (But in Brittany's words, he did let her cheat off him on the final. Definitely a story to save for their children one day!)

Years later Michael was no longer in a relationship and reached out to Brittany, but this time the timing was bad for her. The two knew there was a connection, but it needed more time. Once Brittany was no longer in a relationship the two FINALLY went out on their first date! Brittany claims she has never had so much fun and laugher on a date. They have been inseparable ever since and the two have grown even closer over the last six years. 

The Proposal

On an undoubtedly romantic evening, Michael surprised Brittany with a carriage ride around downtown St. Louis at Christmas time and surprised her down on one knee. She said yes and couldn't wait to be his wife! 


Wedding Day Details

Brittany and Michael got married on a very chilly October day here at Haue Valley, but you would never know it. They are stunningly beautiful at 40 degrees! The two selected many recommended vendors from Haue Valley's list including Cieara Ruess Photography, Applause Weddings, Pappy's Smokehouse, and It's Easy as Pie. The day went off without a hitch and we are so excited to share these beautiful moments with you!

Brittany was one of our brides that came to almost every Haue Valley open house (a definite benefit to our couples as she had the opportunity to visualize their day many times in person prior to the wedding), and she is definitely one we already miss! 


Vendor Team:


Let Haue valley host your beautiful big day

Loving this beautiful fall wedding at Haue Valley? Check our available dates to find one that might work for you!





A Simply Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Haue Valley

Meredith & Kris - October 6, 2017


Their love story

Meredith and Kris met in February 2015 on the dating website eHarmony. The two connected quickly and chatted through text before an anticipated first date. Meredith and Kris met in Clayton at the Tropicana Bowl, but instead of bowling, ended up chatting all evening. Meredith was pretty sure he was "the one" by the end of their first date, and by the end of date number two, she knew this was the real deal. 

Their love is truly effortless. According to Meredith, "There have been so many signs along the way that we were meant to be." We love when that kind of love is made official here at Haue Valley


The Proposal

After almost two years of dating, Meredith had been giving Kris trouble that she was ready to marry him. After all, she had known since their first date! Kris kept asking Meredith to go to the zoo, and finally one afternoon she agreed. It was a completely rainy day, and they decided to go have lunch at the BoatHouse in Forrest Park and before heading off to the zoo. On such a dreary day, they had the zoo to themselves and ventured toward Penguin Cove. On the drive to the zoo they talked about how penguins mate for life, and when they find the penguin they want to be with forever, they drop a pebble at their mates feet.

When the two entered the indoor area of Penguin Cove Kris reminded Meredith that peguins find the perfect pebble for their mate and then he dropped to one knee and said he found the perfect one for Meredith. Of course she said yes! 


Choosing Haue Valley

From Meredith

"We debated between going out of town for a destination wedding versus staying in the St. Louis area. The more I looked into traveling for our wedding, the more difficult I realized it would be. We knew we wanted an outdoor venue, but we weren't finding anything in the area that we liked. We had not heard of Haue Valley when my Dad called and said he had had some work done on his house and the man's wife worked at a venue called Haue Valley. I looked it up online and thought it looked great. When I looked at the availability there were no openings until 2018! This was January 2017 and I didn't want to wait that long! So, we put off going to see it. I checked the site again about a week later and I saw a date in October had opened up! So we immediately made an appointment to go see it. Kris and I both loved the venue from the start! We met with Dana, who was amazing! Afterwards we went to dinner and discussed and knew it was the place for us. We got in touch with Kristin right away and said we were ready to book it!"


Wedding Day Details

Meredith and Kris were blessed with beautiful fall October weather, and moments were captured beautifully by Stephanie Bannon Photography. Videography, DJ, photo booth, and uplighting were provided by Applause Weddings, and we were just amazed by all the beautiful florals from Renee's BoKays and Meredith's dress from Mia Grace Bridal.  It was truly a lovely outdoor fall wedding.


Vendor Credits

  • Photography: Stephanie Bannon Photography
  • Video, DJ, Photo Booth, Uplighting and Monogram: Applause Weddings
  • Catering: The Hawthorne Inn
  • Dress: Mia Grace Bridal
  • Florals: Renee's Bokays
  • Sweets: Sarah's Cake Shop






An Elegant Woodland Wedding Near St. Louis

Michayla & Logan - November 17, 2017

Kristin Binford Favorites-0012.jpg


The Beginning of Their Love Story

Logan and Michayla met in high school and it was basically love at first sight. Michayla was the "new girl" at school and a friend told her to check out this band, which Logan just happened to be in.  A few weeks later, completely by random, the two met at church. (Cue the fireworks) 

Suddenly, the two kept running into one another everywhere. It was like the world kept bringing them back together, in the hallway at school, at church. 

A few weeks later Logan worked up the nerve to ask Michayla to prom just three days before the event. Luckily, she already had a ticket and a dress. The two awkwardly headed off to prom together, never expecting to one day get married, but love finds a way.


Kristin Binford Favorites-0001.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0016.jpg


The Proposal

On a cold December day, just a few days before Christmas in 2016, Logan and Michayla had tickets to see a jazz show. Logan said he wanted to go see the Christmas lights at Art Hill and go to dinner before the show. 

Unfortunately (according to Michayla) she had been in a terrible mood all day and kept telling Logan there weren't any lights on Art Hill. Logan was persistent and insisted they try. When they two finally got to Art Hill, there were no lights, except for one bridge that was glowing in beautiful Christmas lights. Logan took Michayla to the bridge and popped the question. To this day she doesn't remember actually saying yes, just giggling. Thenewly engaged duo continued the celebration with a beautiful night in the city before later sharing the good news with friends and family.

Kristin Binford Favorites-0019.jpg


Their WoodSy Haue Valley Wedding Day

Michayla contacted Haue Valley shortly after Christmas 2016 and quickly came out to tour the venue. The two snagged up a lovely late November Friday and quickly got to planning an elegant and woodsy affair with plenty of personal touches. 

Several months before their wedding Haue Valley began construction of a new ceremony area and the two instantly fell in love with the new space. Their ceremony was one of the first facing south on the new ceremony patio, (and was prior to the addition of the new stone wall and wood doors on that end of the patio. Watch our blog for pictures of this new addition coming soon.)

The two were married by their dear friend and mentor Danny Bowers in a sweet and personal ceremony captured by Emmalie Christine Photography. We are seriously so in love with all of these beautiful images. We can't wait to see the video by Cassandra Isabell Photo.

Music for the ceremony and reception was provided by Hound Sounds, and dinner was prepared by Two Mike's Catering.

We can't forget Michayla's amazing dress by White Traditions Bridal, Logans chic suit custom made in Romania, or the beautiful flowers DIY'd by Michayla's amazing mom and grandma. 

One final point Michayla and Logan were so kind to allow us to share is that their entire wedding budget was $13,500. Isn't this just an amazingly beautiful event on a budget? :) 

Kristin Binford Favorites-0002.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0022.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0021.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0018.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0003.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0004.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0005.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0010.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0025.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0040.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0041.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0038.jpg


Choosing Haue Valley

From Michayla

"There are so many reasons we chose Haue Valley. I could try to explain all of them, but really Haue Valley is just magical. You walk onto this beautiful farm and life stops for a moment. It's so quiet and beautiful on the farm. We instantly fell in love with space and the people. It was so important to us to work with people who really cared about our day and the Haue Valley staff not only cares, but will do just about anything to ensure that your day with them is the best of your life - that's something money can't buy, guys!"

Kristin Binford Favorites-0029.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0031.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0026.jpg



"My advice would be that you can work on details for hours, but at the end of the day it will go by so fast and you won’t even notice. Someone told me once to go stand in a corner for a minute and just watch things happen. Watch your guests and your parents and soak it all in. You have to intentionally remember things, otherwise you’ll forget," said Michayla.

"The other piece of advice I would give is to delegate tasks. So many people will want to help, and as hard as it was for me to let things be out of my control, I couldn’t have done it on my own. And it ended up being even better than expected."


Kristin Binford Favorites-0035.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0033.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0028.jpg


A Sweet Ending to the Perfect Day

These two lovebirds' first date was at Steak and Shake. It's always been a special place to them and they knew they wanted to end the evening with a few fun photos at their favorite spot. Aren't these just ADORABLE?!


Kristin Binford Favorites-0043.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0044.jpg
Kristin Binford Favorites-0042.jpg

The Vendor Team


P.S. - If you love the main photo of the venue on Haue Valley's website, it's from Michayla & Logan's wedding! (Snapped by Kristin. This is not a professional photo by Emmalie Christine, but we loved it and wanted to share it with you too!)






A Vintage French Country Wedding 

Lauren & William - October 20, 2017



A Little About These Two Lovebirds

Lauren and Billy are such genuinely nice people, just our favorite kind of couple here at Haue Valley!  

Their love story actually started back at Pacific High School. The two met through mutual friends at a get together, where Billy definitely took an interest in Lauren, but she wasn't quite so sure. Billy unfortunately became ill and Lauren ended up coming to his aid. The next day Lauren received a text from an unknown number. It turns out it was Billy thanking her for staying by his side, and they've been by each others side ever since.




The Proposal 

So often, someone has a great idea for the most perfect proposal, but life throws a wrench in the plan. In Billy's case, the restaurant he was planning on proposing to Lauren at was closed on Sunday's, the only day they had together! Life was crazy at that time and with Lauren finishing up nursing school, his son in the middle of football season, and working two jobs, time and money were in short supply.  Billy couldn't wait another day and decided he would just propose when it felt "right." 

Sunday came and the three (Lauren, Billy, and Billy's son Landon) headed off to Landon's football game and then headed back to Lauren's moms house for lunch. He asked if the three of them could take a family photo.  They ventured outside with Lauren's mom and sisters and Billy ran to the car to grab his new phone (to take the picture).  While there he snuck the ring in his pocket. 

To Lauren's genuine surprise, Billy dropped down on one knee as they were taking the picture to ask for her hand in marriage.  

Lauren's response, "SHUT UP!"

This special moment was captured on camera and by video by Lauren's family. And according to Lauren, the proposal wasn't what Billy had been planning for, but it turned out just the was it was supposed to. "It wasn't perfect, but it was our kind of perfect." 




Their French Country Haue Valley wedding

Lauren & Billy's wedding took place on a prime October Saturday in 2017. Leading up to the big day, Lauren was most looking forward to their vows. 

"I was looking forward to saying my vows not only to my husband, but also to my step-son. Landon has been our foundation through this relationship in regards to guiding us in making the right decisions and staying true to one another," said Lauren.

"Billy said that he was most excited to see me walk down the aisle to him as his fiance and walking back with me as his wife. Landon's favorite part of the whole ceremony was that we now all share the same last name."

Following the beautiful ceremony at Haue Valley, Two Mike Catering provided a wonderful meal, and the couples friends and family danced the night away with tunes from Prestige Worldwide.

We are still swooning over all of these beautiful images of the day captured by Simply Gracious Photography



choosing Haue Valley

From Lauren

We chose Haue Valley because of everything the space has to offer. Billy actually found the venue first when he was driving past it on a delivery (back when he was working his second job.) Mind you, we weren't engaged yet. He immediately called me and asked me look the place up. When Billy was done with his shift he stopped by on his way home and found me with the biggest smile on my face I have ever had.

He walked in and I said, "This is the place where we will get married."

We both just knew. It was beautiful, is in our hometown, and we could have our ceremony AND reception in the same location.

We sat down together, picked a date, and the rest is history.





Book early! 

We booked before being engaged and it was our best decision yet. We picked our amazing date without having to worry about it already being taken.