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A Super-Sweet St. Louis Wedding

Jordan & Devin - September 17, 2017

Their Love Story

Jordan & Devin both have huge, giving hearts. That compassion drew them both to nursing school. There, they would occasionally see one another around campus, but had never officially met.

Flash forward to a day when Jordan was donating blood and Devin was passing out snacks to the donors. Just a little light-headed from the blood draw, Jordan said something a little funny. Devin saw it as a great opportunity for some well-timed teasing and things were off to a great start.

They ran into one another again several days later studying for finals and the rest is history. 

While these two never expected to meet and fall head over heels in love, they definitely agree that they have found their soulmate in one another

Colleen K Photography-97.jpg

The Proposal

It's obvious that family is important to these two, and it's fitting that Devin would propose to Jordan on a trip that is special to their family. Every year Jordan's family takes a fishing trip to Bennett Springs State Park. On Devin's third annual trip with the family, he proposed in private to Jordan, and the two were able to celebrate with loved ones soon after. 


Colleen K Photography-118.jpg

Sweet Vows & Sweet Treats

When looking for a venue, Jordan and Devin decided that a location that could accommodate a ceremony and reception in one location was a must. Jordan also wanted to find a venue was beautiful "raw" and didn't need much decor to be beautiful and they decided Haue Valley was the perfect fit. 

Jordan & Devin were married at Haue Valley in September 2017.  Of all of the exciting moments of the day to look forward to, Jordan was most excited about their first look photos and video. In the nursing field, these two often see one another in scrubs, with messy hair and a wee bit exhausted. The thought of getting dressed up with Colleen K Photography and Applause Productions there ready to capture the special moment was a highlight of the day.

These two were blessed with beautiful weather and enjoyed dancing the night away to music from Applause Productions, after a lovely dinner by our friends at Graze Catering.


Colleen K Photography-18.jpg
Colleen K Photography.jpg

Advice From The Bride

Don't sweat the small stuff. I found myself struggling over decisions that literally did not matter. For example, where to put the return address stamp on the invitations (left corner or back flap?). Why was I wasting energy on this when no one would even notice? Decide what tasks are just that ... tasks ... and delegate those decisions to other helpers. Then you can keep your energy and spirits up for the big stuff, like how much champagne you can drink while getting ready ;)!

Colleen K Photography-81.jpg

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A Classic St. Louis Wedding

Amanda & Jared - September 16, 2017


The Summer They Will Never Forget

This beautiful couples' story starts like so many of ours did once upon a time, in college and through mutual friends. If you haven't stopped to say thank you to that special friend who brought you and your loved one together, now's a good time to do so. Okay, now back to the story. 

Amanda and Jared met in 2014 as undergrads at Missouri State University, and they never expected their friendship to blossom into something more. But like many great love stories, one day together turned into two, and then ten. After spending a summer eating "their weight in Andy's Ice Cream", they had become inseparable. 

After returning to St. Louis after college the two enjoyed spending time together in their hometown. Their favorite date? November 13, 2015 - when Amanda turned 24 and Justin Bieber came out with his Purpose album. It was also their start to forever together. 

Jared arranged a great night in downtown St. Louis with Amanda's friends, and even surprised Amanda with her best friend driving in from Kentucky to celebrate her birthday.  The celebrations continued the next day with a trip to her favorite winery, where Jared surprised her with a surprise party with all of her loved ones in attendance. Of course Jared had one more surprise up his sleeve. Down on one knee, Jared asked Amanda to spend the rest of their lives together. 



Making If Official

Amanda and Jared enjoy the great outdoors and had a clear vision for a chic woodsy-wedding. After touring, they knew Haue Valley was the perfect fit for its simplicity and peacefulness. They also knew it would be easy to find for their out of town guests, and having the ceremony and reception in one location definitely had its appeal. (Plus in Amanda's words, Haue Valley "provided so many other incentives we couldn't turn it down!") 

On a lovely September day the two said "I do", which was captured in these beautiful images by Amber Green Photography. Their wedding day was also captured on video by our friends at Applause Productions, which can be seen at the bottom of this blog post. Applause also provided DJ, photo booth, uplighting and a custom monogram.  Their AMAZING florals were provided by our friends at Roses & Mint, and dinner was prepared by Two Mike's. It was truly a wonderful day!



Oh, Just One More Thing

Soon after the wedding Amanda and Jared expanded their family with the perfect new pup, a red merle Australian shepherd names Hauey (sounds like "Howie.)  Seriously?!?! Talk about something that just makes our heart melt. 



...With their new pup "Hauey" - Ugh! We just can't stop falling in love with that one! 


Amanda & Jared's St. Louis Wedding - Highlight Video by Applause Productions

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A Fierce Fall St. Louis Wedding

Mary-Elizabeth & Nick - October 28, 2017

Non-traditional St. Louis Wedding

The Start to Their Love Story

Mary-Elizabeth and Nick met in college at a neighborhood gathering, and Mary-Elizabeth knew it was love at first sight. After discovering Nick's dish was Mary-Elizabeth's favorite (buffalo dip), Nick accidentially bumped his head and Mary-Liz was quick to get him on the mend with a bag of frozen peas. Nick looked her in the eye and said, "You're marriage material," and the rest is history.

The journey to marriage started with Nick's proposal on Honeymoon Island, shortly after seeing a baby shark. 

Vintage St. Louis Wedding

Their St. Louis Wedding Day

Mary-Elizabeth and Nick planned their romantic wedding from out of state for two years, but you'd never know it. They originally chose Haue Valley for it's "natural beauty" and their photographer, Joe Bulger of Bulger Creative Co., nailed it.  

Mary-Elizabeth's dress from Eva's Bridal, and Nick's suit from The Black Tux, fit their style goals perfectly. Bountiful Blossom's created rich-toned bouquets and table decor accent greenery, keeping it both simple and beautiful.  

The night was capped off with dinner from Pappy's Smokehouse, sweets from Ahne's Bakery, and dancing courtesy of Pro Sound DJ.

Glam St. Louis Wedding

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A Shockingly Fun St. Louis Wedding

Ellen & Tim - September 2, 2017

Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (899).JPG

The Beginning of Their Love Story

Let's just say the potential for love story started a long time ago. Ellen made a life-long friend in preschool that just happened to fall in love with and marry Tim's older brother. Lots of folks joke about how awesome it would be for best friends to marry brothers, and for Tim and Ellen, it was just meant to be. 

Over the years Ellen would see Tim playing soccer or baseball and is admittedly a sucker for an athlete. Their love blossomed and they decided to purchase a home together in 2016.

Ellen has a great eye and had big dreams for this project. After a month of renovations, surrounded by power tools, ladders, and construction materials, Tim surprised Ellen with most beautiful ring she had ever seen, on one knee on their living room floor. 

Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (236).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (239).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (671).JPG

A Beautiful Bohemian-Inspired Wedding

Shortly after the engagement, Ellen reached out to us at Haue Valley. There are sometimes just brides that you hit it off with from the beginning, and Ellen was certainly one of them. Ellen came to tour and loved the historic charm of the Haue Valley farm. 

Their early September wedding day was captured beautifully by Sherry Lane Photography. One of Ellen's favorite things about the day was her dress from White Traditions, which was definitely a stunner. Tim's suit was from Jos A Bank. And we certainly can't forget to give credit to Stems Florist for all the pretty flowers. 

Sherry captured beautiful photos all over the farm, including some down by the cows.  Tim didn't know the fence was hot (to keep the cows in), and while holding hands with Ellen, accidentally touched the fence. It was definitely a bit of a stocking and memorable experience according to Ellen. (PSA - Don't touch the fence!) 

One element of the big that that Ellen and Tim want to share with future Haue Valley couples is not to miss the opportunity to use the fireplace as a focal point.  Ellen and Tim placed black and white wedding photos of their parents, grand parents, and great grand parents all over the fireplace. They lovingly called it "Generations of Love", featuring over 400 years of marriage. 

After a lovely meal by Pappy's Smokehouse, Ellen and Tim danced the night away to tunes by Complete Music. 

Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (768).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (958).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (798).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (1002).JPG
Ellen_Tim_09022017_SLP_ (1032).JPG

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Hometown Couple Ties The Knot at Haue Valley

Kara & Kyle - October 13, 2017


The beginning of their love story

Kara and Kyle go way back, but love didn't find them until years later. Kara & Kyle both went to Pacific High School, Haue Valley's local school district, where they both were on the track team. Though Kyle had a crush on Kara for some time, he didn't work up the courage to ask her on a date until Kara had been away at college. 

Their first date was to Kirkwood Brewery, and their second was a homemade spaghetti meal made by Kyle.  After that, Kara knew he was a keeper. (She also loves beer, and who doesn't love a man who can cook?!)

DSC_5717 2.jpg

The proposal

Kyle worked hard to plan a special weekend for Kara on their anniversary, kept her in suspense for what was coming, and sent her clues all week long. The weekend came and they drove to Hermann, MO. They stopped first at the Tin Mill Brewery, but Kyle wouldn't budge. He would give no more hints about future stops. 

Soon they ventured on, down a gravel road, and came upon an adorable tree house tucked away in the woods. Kyle shared is was theirs for the night. 

They settled in and Kara decided to freshen up for dinner.  Little did she know Kyle had brought along cheese, crackers, chocolates and a bottle of wine that said "Will you marry me?"

With a beautiful rose gold ring on her hand, they spent the night calling to tell their loved ones the great news. 


Their St. Louis Wedding Day

Kara and Kyle knew Haue Valley was the perfect fit when they first toured the venue. Kara always wanted a classy wedding with rustic details. She thought everything was beautiful without much decoration necessary. And in her words, "Not only that, but the staff is amazing and always very helpful and responsive."

Kara and Kyle, and Kyle's son Kaden, came together in marriage in a beautiful October 2017 ceremony at Haue Valley officiated by Cris Hanna of Life's Celebrations. It was captured by Kaitlin of Kaitlin's Photography. Kara's wore the perfect dress from Signature Bridal and Kyle's suit was from Joseph A. Bank

The two danced the night away at a reception catered by Two Mike's Catering.

We are so blessed to have shared this special day with a very special couple. It was also a milestone for Haue Valley; our 150th wedding couldn't have been any more perfect!



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