About T's Liquor Lane


T's Liquor Lane is a full service liquor store and bar who has been providing full bar service (bartenders, delivery, insurance, and alcohol) to Haue Valley couples since 2014. 

For your budgeting purposes: The average T's Liquor Lane bar bill at Haue Valley for 175 guests is approximately $1,300 including two bartenders, delivery, setup, insurance, and alcohol. Your bill could be higher or lower based on your selections, but $1,300 is an accurate average based on past weddings at Haue Valley.

When using T's, you are only charged for what is opened. T's takes back unopened bottles at the end of the night and takes them off your bill. (If you are attempting to compare this to per person pricing of alcohol at other venues, an $1,300 bar bill for 175 guests equates to about $7.50 per person, but because they charge for what is opened, you aren't paying extra for non-drinkers, children, etc. It's a great deal!)

From T's:

Congratulations! We are excited for your big day at Haue Valley.

Below you may download our bar request form.  Please review the Excel form and select which package fits you and your guest list best. (Remember, you are still paying for what is opened. We’ve just learned it’s easier for you to make your selections when we organize the wide variety of bar options into packages.) After selecting your package, select the specific beers, wines, etc. using the drop down menus in the same column below the chosen package. If you choose not to take advantage of our packages, we can always put together a customized bar package for you. Simply select the “long form” tab at the bottom of the form attached and make your selections.

Once you have made your decision on packages and selected all your items, please email the completed form to tsliquor.events@gmail.com. We will then put together an itemized quote based on the number of guests provided for you to review. Please allow us one week to review your selections and provide you with an initial estimate.

If you would prefer to make an appointment to meet one of us in person, or if have any questions, please call us at 636.744.8088 to set up a time that is convenient for you. Our event coordinator is here on Mondays and Wednesdays from Noon - 6:00 p.m. This is the best time and phone number to reach us with regard to your wedding or event.

We highly recommend scheduling an appointment time to discuss options and special requests. This will give us the opportunity to provide the undivided attention we need to discuss the details of your estimate.

Please note estimates are good for 90 days. If you have provided your selections more than 90 days in advance of your event, please contact us again within 90 days of the wedding for a finalized quote based on current pricing.

Thank you for considering T’s Liquor Lane. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tammy Mitchell, Owner

David Velazquez, Coordinator


Download the T's Liquor Lane Bar Request Form

**Please note this is designed for use on a full size monitor (not your smart phone) and requires Microsoft Excel. If you have issues downloading or opening this form, please email hauevalley@gmail.com. Thanks!