We Never Planned to Open a Wedding Venue

Wait, what?  We're serious.  Just keep reading.

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About Haue Valley

We're dreamers, but even in our wildest dreams, we never expected to own a popular wedding and celebration venue. It happened when several sweet couples found our property, fell in love, and persuaded us to open our 125 year old family farm for their wedding day.  We quickly learned that these couples had become part of our family story. That's really something special. We also recognized that although we didn't have deep knowledge of weddings at that time, we did have an unique team of talented people, ideally suited for making Haue Valley what it has become today.

[ A Little Backstory ]

Bill (co-founder) can imagine and build just about anything. He has spent his life giving his time and energy to others, so when he asked friends for help, they blessed us with their time and building talents too. Friends like that are ones to cherish.  Kristin (co-founder) spent many years in corporate marketing and things like building the Haue Valley website with oodles of useful planning tools, sharing love stories and advice on social media, answering millions of emails, and leading venue tours is an obvious passion.  Derek (co-owner) is always willing to take the lead with the millions of projects we have around the venue (like cutting lots of wood for toasty fires in the fireplace and pruning the grapes so they'll be ready for pictures). 

Haue Valley's venue manager Dana can literally build anything you can find on Pinterest and is incredibly detail oriented. Those are definitely talents that come in handy on the daily! Finally, our landscaping and setup manager Chris has a deep knowledge of plants, flowers, and is responsible for keeping the farm beautiful. To say we are blessed to have this unusual group of skills in the mix from the beginning is absolutely the truth. We didn't start our journey with one person in the lead. It's been a collective team effort since 2013. 

We believe it's important to share with couples the story of how we came to host weddings. Because we didn't set out to open a sought-after wedding venue, we don't have a team of investors with expectations or a quota for the number of weddings we have to book each year. We host weddings and celebrations because we love sharing our farm with couples who love it too. 

We are a family and staff that genuinely cares about you and the details of your big day, and a venue that consistently earns glowing reviews for going above and beyond. We believe firmly you aren't a "number" or a "package". We also understand we only get one shot on your wedding day and the trust you put in us to do our very best.  

Since we opened to the public in 2014 the venue has grown into something we never imagined. We've listened to our couples and have done our best to make improvements each and every year. From the new ceremony area (voted 2018 best ceremony spot by votes in the Missourian Best of Weddings contest), to the romance of a cracking fire in the stone fireplace and the thousands of pieces of decor we have in inventory to borrow for no additional fee, every decision has been made with one of the biggest days in your life in mind. 

We are blessed so many couples have allowed us to play a small part in their big day. We hope to have the opportunity to play a small part in yours too.


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Kaitlin's Photography

Kaitlin's Photography

A Century in the Making

In the late 1800's the Haue Family left Europe for America and upon entering the country, the Danish name Haue was changed to Howe.  Fred and Caroline Howe purchased an 80 acre farm just west of the Mississippi river in Pacific, MO. 

The farm was passed down to the Howe children, where John Howe loved and cared for the farm deeply throughout his life. John grafted trees and planted thousands of daffodils that can still be seen on the farm today.  He even won a silver medal in the 1904 World's Fair for his wine grapes before passing the farm down to his niece, Edith, who also deeply cherishes the family farm. 

Today the farm has grown to include 246 acres and a 7,000 square foot venue, which has hosted more than 200 large celebrations. In addition to hosting weddings, corporate, and charity events, the Haue Valley farm is home to a herd of cattle cared for by the McLaren family. To learn more about our beef visit CrookedCreekBeef.com. 

Bulger Creative Co.

Bulger Creative Co.



Haue Valley Team Leaders

Sometimes we're asked, "Is there someone here with us from the Haue Valley team on our wedding day?" The answer is absolutely yes!

A Haue Valley Team Leader is here before you arrive and are likely the last person you'll see at the end of a magical evening. They are not wedding day coordinators, (see more on that in our FAQs), but they are absolutely someone who will be working behind the scenes on your big day to make it a success. Prior to your ceremony an additional team member joins our Team Leader and will also be with you through the conclusion of the evening. 


Haue Valley - Kristin


Managing Partner



Event Day Team Leader



Event Day Team Leader



Venue Manager



Event Day Team Leader



Event Day Team Leader



Landscaping & Setup Manager



Event Day Team Leader

Haue Valley - Jenny


Event Day Team Leader


Our Family


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