Exclusive Catering & Bar Service


Haue Valley has partnered exclusively with several fantastic caterers at a variety of price points with delicious menu options.

Please note that there is no food and beverage minimum and when utilizing T's Liquor Lane for bar service, it is possible to have a lovely meal and bar for 150 - 175 guests for under $5,000 with several of our catering options (catering and bar not included in venue rental pricing.) Several of our caterers also offer a wide menu with many elevated dinner options. It's your day and we can't wait to see what you design with the help of our exclusive caterers. 

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for several frequently asked catering questions and answers. 


Exclusive Caterers

Pappy's Smokehouse Catering at Haue Valley


If you are looking for top rated barbecue restaurants in St. Louis your search is over. At Pappy's Smokehouse we serve the best Memphis Style BBQ, made fresh for you! We slow smoke our meats up to 14 long hours over sweet apple or cherry wood. Finish off your choice of smoked meat with a selection of four delicious BBQ sauces.

Download Menu (Menu includes pricing)

Sample Proposal - Based on 150 guests

Well-loved items shown in sample proposal. 

Phone: 314.535.4340

Website: www.PappysSmokehouse.com

The Hawthorne Inn Catering at Haue Valley


For over 20 years The Hawthorne Inn has been serving the Franklin County and surrounding areas award winning food. Consistently voted the areas favorite restaurant, the extensive menu caters to many tastes. Steaks and pastas lead the favorites list, but a person can find just about anything they desire.

Download Menu (Menu Includes pricing)

Sample Proposal Based on 150 guests

Well-loved items shown in sample proposal.

Phone: 636.451.0004

Website: www.TheHawthorneInn.net


Artistic Affairs Catering at Haue Valley


Artistic Affairs Catering has quickly emerged on to the St Louis catering scene. Founded on innovation, creativity and professionalism, Todd Guzdial and staff specialize in creating unforgettable events. 

Download Menu [Menu includes pricing]

Sample Proposal #1 - Sample Proposal - #2 - Based on 150 guests

[Well-loved items shown in sample proposal. Caterer can meet a wide budget range.]

Phone: 314.918.0003

Website: www.ArtisticAffairsCatering.com

Graze Catering at Haue Valley


Graze is a full-service catering company & food truck serving the St. Louis area who strives to use locally grown, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We love to customize our menu to perfectly suit your style and taste. The menu below represents a sample of the options available. 

Appetizer Menu    Buffet Menu    (Menus include pricing)

Sample Proposal - Based on 150 guests

Well-loved items shown in sample proposal. Caterer can meet a wide budget range.

Phone: 636.549.4053

Website: www.TasteofGraze.com

Two Mikes Catering at Haue Valley


Two Mikes Catering is a family run business established in 1995. The founder, Mike Kenney, has been in the food service business since 1970.  Now in its 2nd generation of operation and ownership, Two Mike's Catering is more excited than ever to offer clients and their guests the quality service that have made them a leading caterer  in St. Louis for over 20 years.

Dinner Menu    BBQ Menu     Breakfast / Brunch    (Menus include pricing)

Sample Proposal - Based on 150 guests

Well-loved items shown in sample proposal.

Phone: 314.752.5800

Website: www.TwoMikesCatering.com

Please note that Two Mike's operates out of a LARGE church in St. Louis. When driving to a tasting, please review the directions to their location posted on their website here.





Exclusive Bar Service - T'S LIQUOR LANE

St. Louis Bar Service - T's Liquor Lane

T's Liquor Lane is a full service liquor store and bar who has been providing full bar service (bartenders, delivery, insurance, and alcohol) to Haue Valley couples since 2014. All quotes for alcohol are custom made based on your preferences.  To setup an appointment for a quote, contact T's between Noon - 6:00 pm on Monday or Wednesday.

For your budgeting purposes: The average T's Liquor Lane bar bill at Haue Valley for 175 guests is approximately $1,300 including two bartenders, delivery, setup, insurance, and alcohol.

When using T's, you are only charged for what is opened. T's takes back unopened bottles at the end of the night and takes them off your bill. (If you are attempting to compare this to per person pricing of alcohol at other venues, an $1,300 bar bill for 175 guests equates to about $7.40 per person, but because they charge for what is opened, you aren't paying extra for non-drinkers, children, etc. It's a great deal!)

If you have a date BOOKED at Haue Valley, and you would like to request a formal estimate, please click herePlease note, estimates are good for 90 days, so to finalize a quote prior to the wedding, please reach out to T's less than 90 days prior to the big day. 


Phone:  636.744.8088 (Available Monday & Wednesday noon - 6:00 pm)

Sample Quote: Based on a real wedding with 150 guests


Frequently Asked Catering Questions 

Is there a food and beverage minimum, guest count minimum, or china requirement?

No.  Many venues have minimums because they make a 10 - 15% commission from the caterer based on how much you spend on catering. We choose NOT to make a commission because we want our food and beverage options to be as elegant or affordable as your budget allows, and therefore we don't have a food and beverage or guest count minimum. Additionally, we do not have a china requirement. (Honestly we love many of the beautiful and affordable disposable options available today! I can't even count how many times we have had a sample of these at the venue and touring couples didn't even know they were disposable until they touched them!)


Do we have to utilize your caterers and bar service?

Yes, but please see the question and answer aboveInitially we allowed outside catering, because honestly most venues don't and we didn't understand why! It seems like a great benefit to allow outside catering. The truth is, after two years of allowing any caterer under the sun to waltz through our door, we realized that not a workable business model if quality food and a quality experience is important to our couples and their guests. Some caterers were amazing, but some were clearly in it for the money and not the couple (like when we asked, do you help with XYZ and the caterer responded "they didn't pay for that." Once you get to know us, you'll know that attitude doesn't sit well with us.) We had issues with caterers showing up hours late and unprepared. We had caterers run out of food. We had caterers who routinely sent three 16 years olds to be the event staff.  Although we had many great experiences with caterers who were new to us, when it was a bad experience it was really bad, for us, the couple, and their guests.

We selected the caterers on our list after having many come through our doors those first few years because we thought they had good food, good service, because they had very affordable options along with a variety of upgrades, and honestly because we thought they were nice people. Don't discount the fact that all of the vendors that you choose you'll work with a lot leading up to the big day. It's important to actually like your vendors!

Additionally, we have purposely selected small business owners, because although no one is perfect, and none of our caterers claim to be, when you work with a small business owner they are personally invested in the success of your wedding day.