Optional Linen Package Details


Optional Linen Package Includes:

- White linens that drop to the floor for all Haue Valley provided tables

- Burlap runners and cedar planks (optional)

- Setup and breakdown of the above items 


Our goal is to make setup faster and easier for you. By using linens provided by Haue Valley it also means you will have one less vendor to visit before the big day, less to pack in your car at the end of the night, and less items to return quickly after the wedding. 


Linen rental fee: (Based on 8 guests per table)

$525 - up to 150 total guests (counting wedding party)

$600 - up to 200 total guests (counting wedding party)


**Would you like to save $100 on your linen rental fee?  Simply agree to bag the linens at the end of the night (a process that happens in about 15 minutes with several hands helping), and Haue Valley will reduce your linen rental fee by $100.  Please notify the HV team when you make your linen order if you would like to take advantage of this discount. 



If we don't need the cedar planks or the burlap runners is the price different? 

The price remains the same whether these items are included or not since we already own them and we are renting the linens.  


When is the rental fee due?

The linen rental fee will be due with your final payment to Haue Valley, at least 30 days prior to your event.  You are welcome to pay in advance of this date if you prefer.


Are all of the burlap runners exactly the same?

They are all very similar, but some may be mixed in style for a Pinterest inspired effect. 


If I don't use your linen package, can I still borrow the cedar planks?

Yes, you are more than welcome to still borrow the planks.  If you use another linen provider you will be responsible for the setup of linens and cedar planks. (We are happy to help you but will not be solely responsible for the setup.)


How do I order the Haue Valley Linen Package?

Simply email hauevalley@gmail.com with your name, wedding date, and expected guest count and we will finalize the details with you. 


Are additional colors available?

At this time we are offering white linens only.  If we add additional colors in the future we will let you know!


What if I have additional questions?

Just send us an email at hauevalley@gmail.com and we would be happy to answer them!