wedding prep faq's

Preparing for the big day?  Check out the following frequently asked questions at Haue Valley.


In case of rain, what is the plan for the ceremony?

If it looks like rain is likely, your ceremony will be setup under roof in our new covered addition.  The inside/outside decision needs to be made 90 minutes prior to the ceremony. 

Do you provide fans in case of hot weather?

Yes. We have two large rolling fans and two evaporative cooling fans in addition to our ceiling fans.

Is glassware allowed?

Haue Valley does allow non-alcoholic drinks to be served in glass, but would not recommend glass if it can be avoided for the safety of your guests.  Guests often end the night we no shoes on and we want to protect their feet! No alcohol may be served in glass.

Can we seat more than 8 people at a table?

Tables provided by Haue Valley seat eight.  In a pinch a ninth could be added if it was a child, but it will be tight.

What size are the tables, etc?

Please see the Haue Valley measurements document on the resources page.

Are linens included?

Linens are not provided by Haue Valley unless you have purchased the linen package.  Please see the Haue Valley measurements document for suggested sizes if you will be providing your own linens.

When do you need the final headcount?

We will reach out to you two weeks before the big day to gather the final details including headcount, table layout, etc.

Are candles allowed?

Yes, if the flame is contained.  No hanging candles please. Candles can be used in our mason jars if they are tea lights.  Candles are not permitted in our mason jars without something to contain the wax. 

Can we hang twinkle lights?

We will have lights hanging for a beautiful pinterest style effect.  We don’t believe you will need twinkle lights, but if you want to that is fine with us. 

Can the lanterns in the building be dimmed?

Yes, the switches to dim them are found behind the bar on the wall.

Can we store extra boxes or materials in the catering room?

No, but often there is plenty of storage room under the gift tables and cake table for boxes you want to leave in the venue. Extra boxes should be left in the brides room. 

Can we leave alcohol the night before if we have selected the two day rental?

No, we ask that you do not leave any items of value overnight.

How many Haue Valley team members are onsite during my event?

We will have one team member onsite for the setup of your event.  Thirty minutes prior to the event start time we will add a second team member to assist in parking cars. At least one team member will remain onsite throughout the evening.  We are happy to lend a helping hand to your decor setup team, but cannot be solely responsible for setup.  

Can cars or décor be left overnight to be picked up later?

Unfortunately no, all items must be taken with you at the end of the night. If you have rented the venue for two nights, you can leave a vehicle the first night, but we suggest locking the vehicle and not leaving items of value inside. 

Does Haue Valley recycle?


Do you have refrigeration onsite?

Yes, we have one large commercial fridge in the catering area and coolers for drinks behind the bar.

Do we need to supply wood or man the fireplace?

No! We will handle that for you. 

Can HV staff light candles after my ceremony is over?

Yes, so long as you notify our team members ahead of time we are happy to!