5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a St. Louis Barn Wedding Venue


1.  Are you looking for a rustic or western feel?

Both are good options and the choice can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your big day.  A rustic venue enables you to sport your cowboy boots or opt for a more traditional wedding day attire.  If you opt for a more western feeling venue it will provide an overarching theme that other elements such decor and your menu will likely tie into.  At Haue Valley we’ve provided a beautiful and rustic venue that gives you flexibility to make your wedding day your own.

2.  Is working with a venue that specializes on weddings important to you?

There are a number of choices for your St. Louis barn wedding.  Some focus primarily on weddings and others offer a broad range of options. Consider how important a focus on weddings is in your venue decision.

3.  Dirt floor or not?

Refer to question one.  A dirt floor creates a real barn atmosphere but can create challenges when food is served in the area.  If you opt for a dirt floor St. Louis barn wedding venue, consider letting your guests know ahead of time so they can wear appropriate shoes.  The floors at Haue Valley are a beautifully stained and stamped concrete for this reason.

4.  Is exclusive use of the space for your event important to you?

Different St. Louis barn wedding venues have different packages that allow you to rent the entire space or only a selected area.  If having exclusive use of a venue is important to you, make sure you get it in writing.  Even if a venue doesn’t have another event booked at the time that you do, without booking the entire space, you might be in for a surprise on your wedding day. 

5.  How far do you want your guests to travel to a hotel?

Wedding transportation considerations may not be glamorous, but your out-of-town guests will thank you for thinking of them! At Haue Valley, our venue is situated on 250 acres of beautiful farm land, but less than one half mile from two local hotels.  This proximity provides a great option for people with young children, folks who want to head home early, or those folks who need to catch a ride after having a little too much fun.


To get answers to the following questions and see if your ideal date is still available at Haue Valley, email us at HaueValley@gmail.com.