Haue Valley Venue Measurements

We often receive questions regarding the size of items in our venue.  We thought you might find it helpful to have all of these measurements in one place! 

Guest Tables

Twenty five, 60 inch round tables are available for your use.  If you want your tablecloths to reach the floor, choose 120 inch round tablecloths. 

Cocktail Tables

Two, 36 inch round tables are available for your use.  They are 30 inches tall (short cocktail height and the same height as the guest tables).  We suggest getting two extra tablecloths the same size as the guest tables and tying the extra back with a a pretty ribbon.  These tables are ideal for the cake and the guest book.

Service Tables

Seven, 8 foot long rectangular tables are available for your head table, buffet tables, DJ, gift table, etc.  For head tables seating 8 - 12, we recommend the use of three tables.  For 12 - 16 guests at your head table we recommend using four rectangle tables.  In most situations we recommend using two rectangle tables for your buffet. 

Rustic Arbor

The arbor at Haue Valley is 86 inches tall, 69 inches wide, and 48 inches deep.

White Wedding Chairs

The upgraded white wedding chairs at Haue Valley are standard size. The height of the chair is 30 inches tall. 

Burlap Bulletin Board

The bulletin board at Haue Valley is 46 inches tall and 96 inches wide.

Aisle on the Patio

If you are contemplating using a runner, we suggest a 50 foot long, three foot wide runner.

Building - Primary Open Area 

The primary open area of the barn (the section with the highest ceiling height) is 30 foot wide by 80 foot long.