A Classic St. Louis Wedding

Amanda & Jared - September 16, 2017


The Summer They Will Never Forget

This beautiful couples' story starts like so many of ours did once upon a time, in college and through mutual friends. If you haven't stopped to say thank you to that special friend who brought you and your loved one together, now's a good time to do so. Okay, now back to the story. 

Amanda and Jared met in 2014 as undergrads at Missouri State University, and they never expected their friendship to blossom into something more. But like many great love stories, one day together turned into two, and then ten. After spending a summer eating "their weight in Andy's Ice Cream", they had become inseparable. 

After returning to St. Louis after college the two enjoyed spending time together in their hometown. Their favorite date? November 13, 2015 - when Amanda turned 24 and Justin Bieber came out with his Purpose album. It was also their start to forever together. 

Jared arranged a great night in downtown St. Louis with Amanda's friends, and even surprised Amanda with her best friend driving in from Kentucky to celebrate her birthday.  The celebrations continued the next day with a trip to her favorite winery, where Jared surprised her with a surprise party with all of her loved ones in attendance. Of course Jared had one more surprise up his sleeve. Down on one knee, Jared asked Amanda to spend the rest of their lives together. 



Making If Official

Amanda and Jared enjoy the great outdoors and had a clear vision for a chic woodsy-wedding. After touring, they knew Haue Valley was the perfect fit for its simplicity and peacefulness. They also knew it would be easy to find for their out of town guests, and having the ceremony and reception in one location definitely had its appeal. (Plus in Amanda's words, Haue Valley "provided so many other incentives we couldn't turn it down!") 

On a lovely September day the two said "I do", which was captured in these beautiful images by Amber Green Photography. Their wedding day was also captured on video by our friends at Applause Productions, which can be seen at the bottom of this blog post. Applause also provided DJ, photo booth, uplighting and a custom monogram.  Their AMAZING florals were provided by our friends at Roses & Mint, and dinner was prepared by Two Mike's. It was truly a wonderful day!



Oh, Just One More Thing

Soon after the wedding Amanda and Jared expanded their family with the perfect new pup, a red merle Australian shepherd names Hauey (sounds like "Howie.)  Seriously?!?! Talk about something that just makes our heart melt. 



...With their new pup "Hauey" - Ugh! We just can't stop falling in love with that one! 


Amanda & Jared's St. Louis Wedding - Highlight Video by Applause Productions

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