A Shockingly Fun St. Louis Wedding

Ellen & Tim - September 2, 2017

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The Beginning of Their Love Story

Let's just say the potential for love story started a long time ago. Ellen made a life-long friend in preschool that just happened to fall in love with and marry Tim's older brother. Lots of folks joke about how awesome it would be for best friends to marry brothers, and for Tim and Ellen, it was just meant to be. 

Over the years Ellen would see Tim playing soccer or baseball and is admittedly a sucker for an athlete. Their love blossomed and they decided to purchase a home together in 2016.

Ellen has a great eye and had big dreams for this project. After a month of renovations, surrounded by power tools, ladders, and construction materials, Tim surprised Ellen with most beautiful ring she had ever seen, on one knee on their living room floor. 

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A Beautiful Bohemian-Inspired Wedding

Shortly after the engagement, Ellen reached out to us at Haue Valley. There are sometimes just brides that you hit it off with from the beginning, and Ellen was certainly one of them. Ellen came to tour and loved the historic charm of the Haue Valley farm. 

Their early September wedding day was captured beautifully by Sherry Lane Photography. One of Ellen's favorite things about the day was her dress from White Traditions, which was definitely a stunner. Tim's suit was from Jos A Bank. And we certainly can't forget to give credit to Stems Florist for all the pretty flowers. 

Sherry captured beautiful photos all over the farm, including some down by the cows.  Tim didn't know the fence was hot (to keep the cows in), and while holding hands with Ellen, accidentally touched the fence. It was definitely a bit of a stocking and memorable experience according to Ellen. (PSA - Don't touch the fence!) 

One element of the big that that Ellen and Tim want to share with future Haue Valley couples is not to miss the opportunity to use the fireplace as a focal point.  Ellen and Tim placed black and white wedding photos of their parents, grand parents, and great grand parents all over the fireplace. They lovingly called it "Generations of Love", featuring over 400 years of marriage. 

After a lovely meal by Pappy's Smokehouse, Ellen and Tim danced the night away to tunes by Complete Music. 

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