An Elegant Late November St. Louis Wedding at Haue Valley

Featured Wedding: Erika & Thomas

November 18, 2017



Their Love Story Started on the Dance Floor

Thomas and Erika met one another on a fun evening out on the town with friends. Thomas with a group of his buddies, and Erika out with her girls. They caught one another on the dance floor and began chatting and they've been inseparable ever since. 

(Stay tuned for a little fun dancing clip later in this blog post.)



The Proposal

From Erika

"Thomas' proposal was an absolute surprise. We hadn't talked about rings, timing or any typical proposal details. I thought it was a normal Saturday, he invited me over for dinner that night and he had his mom invite me to get my nails done that day and to have lunch. I didn't find anything suspicious about it as she always gets her nails done and encourages me to come along. After nails I went home and later that evening I was just going to his place for dinner. When I got there, there were 2 dozen roses on the kitchen table, I was so surprised but still had no inkling as he always did sweet things for me. While he was cooking, he asked me to go get something from his bedroom, when I left the room, he strategically set up his phone to record the proposal. I came out with a wrapped package and open end it to find a picture of him, my daughter and myself with the words printed, "will you be my family?'

When I looked up Thomas was on one knee with a ring in his hand. I cant even remember what he said because of the shock but, I, of course, said YES! After the proposal, we tried to eat, but were to excited. He still had another surprise up his sleeve, we headed to a restaurant where a huge group of both our friends and family were waiting to congratulate us. I will never forget this day and the amount of thought, effort and love he put into it."




Wedding Day Details

Erika and Thomas' late November wedding was captured on camera by Audrey Lee Photography and on video by Applause Productions. Applause also provided ceremony and reception sound as well as a fun fish-eye style photo booth and the uplighting seen on the videos shared here. 

Dinner was provided by our friends at Two Mike's Catering with sweets from Harters Bakery




A Note From the Bride

"We are one of the lucky couples that endured terrible weather on our wedding day. It was freezing, it rained most of the day and it was extremely windy. I told myself weather was not something I was going to sweat on the big day, in the end, I can't control it nor change it so I just accepted it.

I will say, it turned out to be no big deal. Haue Valley let us wait until the last minute to make the call to have our ceremony indoors which was much appreciated just in case the weather did cheer up.  It didn't, but the ceremony was still incredible beautiful. Everything indoors looked lovely, my guests were comfortable and no one knew otherwise. My photographer got us outside during the pause in the rain, and the pictures still turned out beautifully.  You would never know the day was gloomy, freezing and rainy."

Don't sweat the weather :)


Since their love story started on the dance floor, we thought we would leave you with this fun clip of the bride and groom dancing the night away captured and DJ'ed by our friends at Applause Productions. 


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