A Classic Outdoor St. Louis Wedding

A Classic Outdoor St. Louis Wedding

Laycie & Nick - September 9, 2017



Well Hello There

Sometimes couples really hit it off when the pressure is off.

Nick and Laycie met when a group of mutual friends got together one evening. They knew the crew was hoping to set the two up, but they both appreciated the opportunity to hang out in a group setting the first few times. (We've all been on a really awkward first date right?! They skipped that. :)

The two exchanged numbers and haven't stopped talking since. They've grown to truly become best friends, and according to Laycie, her life has drastically changed for the better since meeting Nick. 





These two lovebirds really love the snow and look forward to their annual Colorado snowboarding trip every year. The 3rd trip was definitely one they will never forget. 

Nick put the ring in his jack and carried it around ALL WEEK waiting for a clear weather day to make sure they could get a great proposal photo. 

On the last day of their trip, Nick asked Laycie to go over to a photographer that was at the top of the mountain they were boarding on to get a picture. Laycie was shocked and excited - Nick hated pictures!

All of their friends knew what was planned and Nick got a little nervous; nervous enough that Laycie was a little confused. After all, they were just taking a picture? (In her words, she was truly clueless!) Nick unzipped his jacked and pulled out a box and she immediately knew he was proposing. 

Laycie got so excited that she dropped her snowboard and had to chase it down the mountain while Nick was still on one knee. She quickly said yes and promptly gave the ring back to Nick so she wouldn't lose it snowboarding! In Laycie's words, "It was truly the best day ever."





Nick & Laycie were looking forward to their wedding day for more than 18 months, so when the big day arrived, they wanted to ensure that they had plenty of time for photos. Many couples start and end their photographed moments at Haue Valley, but these two and their bridal party opted for something a little different - photos in the city that morning! 

Prior to heading out to take photos in downtown St. Louis, Nick and Laycie shared a very special moment together, seeing each other for the first time that day at their home. Originally, the two wanted to honor the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding, but the more they thought about it, they knew first look photos with their chosen photographers, SMB Photography, was the right choice for them. 

"The photos and video from the first time Nick and I saw one another that day are INCREDIBLE," said Laycie. "It was absolutely one of my favorite parts of the day. 

The two and their bridal party then headed to Haue Valley to capture a few moments around the farm prior to their ceremony. You'll see one more important element of the big day featured below, custom made wooden bouquets by Laycie's mom, owner of M R Wooden Flowers

Following their "I Do's" the two enjoyed dinner catered by Pappy's Smokehouse and dancing by Compete Weddings

It was truly the perfect day! (According to this sweet couple.)




A Note From The Bride

"I can speak for all brides who have gotten married at Haue Valley and say (without a doubt) that Haue Valley and everyone on their team made the process so much easier for us! They're always there to answer questions, help in ANY way possible, and do anything they can to help everything run smooth and look beautiful . They've been so amazing, i have nothing but wonderful things to say!

I also truly recommend a first look. It was one of my favorite parts of our day. It was just me and Nick & our photographer (who stood back) - it was so personal for us. I loved it. Those are some of my favorite pictures that we got."


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