Love Notes From Real Haue Valley Clients


From Gwen - 2013 Mother of the Bride

I have to say I now have the time to actually reminisce how this whole thing evolved, it seems like such an amazing dream, that actually came true.

I reflect back on this whole experience. From the very beginning, when Jessie had informed us she was going to get married in less than 6 months. We very quickly exhausted our resources trying to find a venue for her to get married, having such short notice, what next? Then by just a glimpse, my youngest daughter saw on Facebook a venue in Pacific in which a venue was prepared by her family for her to get married the next day. I remember so well, trying to get Jessie up to go to Pacific, Mo, to search for this venue. Could it be a possibility for her to be married there? Were we mad? What  were we doing? This is CRAZY!  But off we went, on a very cool, rainy Saturday, asking people in Pacific if they had heard of such a place, and of course no one had. Happened to make one more stop, at the Comfort Inn on Thornton St. to inquire, and the front desk young lady said let me Google this Haue Valley and said she did not know where  it actually was, but it appeared it was on Thornton Rd, which was an extension of the Thornton St. we were currently on.  Jessie and I decided if this did not take us there it was not meant to be and we just needed to go home.  Just minutes later as we turn the corner there was the sign HAUE VALLEY with a long drive way. There was not gate keeping us from driving up the drive and at the top of the hill was more than what we could ever expected;  the beauty, the peacefulness and much more than anything we had already seen, (even on this gloomy, cool rainy day) . It was more than perfect! . The tables all set up, there was going to be a wedding here, today! What are we doing here? We were not invited. Are we mad?  Of course, we are basically trespassing. Then we see a truck pull up, a man in his overalls, with a very kind face. OMG, what do we say?  How can we even explain? It did not take long, to feel very welcomed and comforted by this gentleman’s voice. Here it is, this man’s daughter’s wedding day, cutting cedar planks for the tables, and sharing this incredible family history of the farm, how the barn was built from the cedar trees of the property from the grounds and how the framework of the family member who had resided on these grounds was now the production  of this amazing “ barn” for his daughter who was getting married today. INCREDIBLE!

I can say after being raised on a dairy  farm, in a small town, and knowing only a very simple life, without a lot of expectations.    I  have to say the experience I had on the top of that hill on that Saturday morning, is the closest I have experience that feeling since I have been gone. Your father was so kind, he kept saying, I am not the person to really talk to about all of this, by my daughter would be the one to talk to after everything settles down, maybe you could talk with her. That was the enough for us at that time.  It  was time to leave this man after taking more time than we should have on this very special day, “it's daughter’s wedding”.

From that point forward, with the frequent emails, ect. from you and regards to the potential of having my daughter's wedding at HAUE VALLEY, the continuation of communication, and accommodations of your family, we had the absolute privilege to have our daughter’s wedding at Haue Valley. It has been an AMAZING EXPERIENCE from the beginning, the assistance with decorating, the errands, .........OMG I could go on and on........ You all are amazing people!!! We could have never expected so much for all of you. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I feel such a wonderful relationship has evolved in such a short time with you and your family, it is amazing that the length of time is not what makes the relationship, it is how it evolves and with the people it evolves with!

Thank you so much and please thank your coordinators who helped you on the rehearsal dinner and wedding day.  We can not thank all of you enough!

From Karen - 2013 Mother of the Bride

Thank you, your family and staff for making the wedding day so wonderful. Everyone is raving about it being the best wedding ever! They love the venue and how beautiful the setting is, and lots of comments on how nice and courteous everyone was.

I was really impressed with and grateful for how all of you accommodated the rental company, Coleman’s flowers, and the caterer along with all of the family, guests and bridal party. You are truly a tremendous family with a great future in the wedding, party, and conference venue.

From Lindsay - 2013 Bride

It was amazing! Thank you so much for everything. Everyone keeps telling me how much they loved the venue and how beautiful everything was and I couldn't agree more. 

Not only is the venue absolutely stunning, but the people are so friendly and easy going. They truly want your day to be special and they will do whatever they can to make that happen. They're so welcoming and you really feel like you're a part of their family. Our day was already special, but they made it even more special.

From Ellen - 2014 Mother of the Bride

Thank you for everything! It was a pleasure working with you. Everything was perfect and we were blessed with a perfect day. 

From Danielle - 2014 Bride

Wow! Where do I begin? From before I had gotten engaged I knew that this would be the place I wanted to get married at. I scoped it out through the internet and their blog. I spent countless hours envisioning what my wedding day would look like at Haue Valley. My dream finally came true when I was proposed to last July. Within one week, I had contacted Haue Valley to get more information. It just so happened they were hosting an open house the next week and the owners invited us to come and visit.

As we drove up the gorgeous driveway, I was getting more and more excited. As soon as we got out of the car, I gasped as the view from the top of the hill was stunning! Haue Valley overlooks the most beautiful farm with real livestock, along with ponds, flowers, and even grape vines. When you come around the corner, the view of the barn was breathtaking. The walls are covered in a gorgeous wood, with a bar made of wood, and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. There is also a nice bridal room for the bride to get ready in, along with plenty of little details to make your wedding more special. The place is already incredible, so it doesn’t take much to decorate the venue. However, if you are in need of any little thing like a card holder, or wooden planks, Haue Valley has just what you would need. 

I started communicating with Kristin (the owner) as soon as I was engaged to start collecting information. She is so inviting and prompt in her responses. The best part was her willingness to share suggestions, experiences from past weddings, honest thoughts, and even an open mind to any bride’s vision. Everyone that works at Haue Valley makes you feel like you were an important person and that their only mission is making your wedding day the absolute best!

The day of my wedding was absolutely magical! This was all due to the attentiveness and courtesy of the staff at Haue Valley. They were there to help when needed and definitely assisted the vendors, but stayed out of the way of the guests. All I heard from each of my guests was how beautiful everything was. Haue Valley allowed my husband and me to have the wedding of our dreams!

I would highly recommend Haue Valley to any couple that is looking for a beautiful, rustic wedding in the St. Louis area. The freedom to choose vendors, the spectacular views, and the friendly owners makes the wedding planning process a breeze and so enjoyable!

Diane - 2014 Mother of the Bride

My daughter was married at Haue Valley on July 12th and from the time we originally visited this venue...we fell in love with it. I just can't ever thank them enough for making my daughter's wedding so special. They are such an amazing family and really put a lot of time and effort into making everything perfect. They have added so many new features to the venue from our original visit and we heard so many comments all night on what a great place it was. I believe we choose the hottest day in July, but they did their best to keep everyone cool and were so accommodating to all our needs through the night.

Thank you so much Kristin, Dana & Bill for making us feel so welcome and for all our hard work. Really appreciate all you did for us.

Liza - 2014 Mother of the Bride

Our daughter's wedding reception was held at Haue Valley just a few short days ago. Having worked with Kristin especially, for months and months planning and preparing, I'm still reeling from how wonderful it all was!

This location is simply stunning. Such natural beauty, and the venue itself blends right in with all the magnificent trees and scenery here. The venue is beautiful....gorgeous construction, and magical at night.

As for Kristin, I cannot say enough. From the very beginning, she listened to our "vision" and worked very hard to make it come to life. She definitely went above and beyond for us, and made us feel like we were the only people she was working with. (which we most certainly were not...she is a very, very busy lady). She honors requests, bends over backwards to be accommodating, is patient, always professional, and just a really sweet person. She is someone we honestly came to care deeply about by the time our event happened.

We were always treated respectfully, and as though we were very important to the Haue Valley family. We were honored to share this evening on their beautiful property, and feel that it could not have gone any better. Stephanie and Chris helped out on our daughter's big night....and were phenomenal as well. Such an incredible team.

I can't say enough about this place and these fine people. It already sounds gushy...but when you see your first born daughter's dream actually come true in front of your eyes, and you know you can thank people for simply can't thank them well enough. :-)

Best wishes for a bright future, all of you, and keep up the outstanding work. Blessings!!


Melissa - 2014 Bride

My husband and I were married on June 21, 2014 at Haue Valley, and we were so happy we chose this venue! We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, but wanted to make sure there was a covered area for bad weather, and Haue Valley was perfect. The view was spectacular, and the pictures turned out great! The entire Haue Valley team made us feel welcome, and they were very accommodating with our unique table arrangements and external vendors. Our wedding day was super hot, but it helped having the covered venue for guests. Also, when there was a thunderstorm later in the evening, Dana helped the guests (and me!) remain calm, kept checking the weather, and getting us umbrellas, etc. We also loved the new bridal room they added; it was great for the bridesmaids and everyone. It was also really nice that they have extra decor and games that we were able to borrow for the day. Thanks Haue Valley!

Lisa - 2014 Mother of the Groom

Haue Valley was the only place I could imagine that met all the desired features of a outdoor Vintage Barn Wedding my son and new daughter-in-love hoped for. Immediately following the engagement in April, 2014 they began to shop for the church and reception site they dreamed of having. When they discovered Haue Valley, it was without a doubt, the place. The owners and operations team are a class act. Kristin was the primary contact for most of the planning stages, and her quick response to phone calls and emails were so appreciated.

The wedding day was absolutely perfect, the weather cooperated too. It was such a delight to work with Haue Valley, as the mother of the groom and the primary DIY Wedding Coordinator. Some things went exactly as planned and other things that popped up as unexpected, Haue Valley kept me calm, worked with our crew to make it all turn out like the dream my kids had in mind.

This place is a little slice of heaven, and it will leave you wanting to find more reasons to come back for another visit :). The place where their business never feels like business rather like a part of a big family.

Sharon & Dennis - 2015 Parents of the Bride

We are not sure where to start with the amount of thanks owe you for helping make Jena & Henry's wedding such a memorable one.  We received so many compliments on the venue, and we are so happy about the new additions that enhanced the already beautiful scenery.  The organization and attention to detail that you provided was awesome. She was one very happy bride! We wish you continued success with future weddings and hope to attend one too. Congrats on a job well done!

Toni - 2015 Bride

My husband and I had he BEST experience by having our wedding at Haue Valley!!!!!! Everything went so smooth and perfect even with the small thunderstorm that passed through. All the employees were so easy to work and communicate with! We have recommended Haue Valley to everyone we find out getting married! I would do it all over again if I had to :) We had soooooo many compliments about the venue from all our guests.

Katie - 2015 Bride

Haue Valley is the most beautiful place to get married in the St. Louis area. They are so friendly and make you feel so comfortable. They made our wedding day so special! They staff is excellent and so accommodating. This Bride and Groom gives them 4 thumbs up!



Serena - 2015 Bride

Haue Valley is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and they definitely made our big day so special! They are very awesome to work with! Anybody who is considering having there special event at Haue Valley I recommend it 100 times over! You will not be disappointed!

2015 Bride

....where do I even begin? Haue Valley is AMAZING! It's the perfect rustic wedding setting. They made all our wedding dreams come true. They offer so many opportunities and options for a couple to personalize their special day. The staff are so nice and easy to work with; we could never thank Kristin and Dana enough for everything! They were patient, kind, and available for communication throughout the entire wedding planning process, and the big day itself! I have zero complaints or even suggestions for improvement; you have an amazing thing going and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and the couples blessed enough to visit you! Thank you for everything!

Whitney - 2015 Bride

Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding wonderful.  Choosing Haue Valley was the best decision we made.  Everything was perfect!

Kristin - 2015 Bride

I don't even know where to begin, but want to thank you both (Dana & Kristin) for being a part of our big day.  Kristin - thank you for answering a million emails/questions and for giving awesome vendor referrals.  Dana, thank you for running around with us to ensure every detail was perfect! We are still getting compliments on your from from our guests.  Thanks for everything!

Kelsey - 2015 Bride

Aaron and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful service and hospitality. Your venue is absolutely stunning! Our wedding day was more than perfect thanks to your venue and fantastic staff.  Thank you again so much!



Molly - 2015 Bride

Jerry & I just wanted to thank your entire staff for their work in making our wedding the best day of our lives! We have had so many compliments and kind words from those that attended.  The venue was a beautiful location and for for our personalities.  We can't thank you all for enough for everything you did!

Tina - 2015 Bride

I cannot say enough about our experience with the staff at Haue Valley. Not only is the venue beautiful all by itself, but the staff goes above and beyond to make your day great! From the time I booked (February) until our wedding day, October 30, they made many improvements, the pond, the addition, the fireplace, and all just made it more beautiful. Dana went out of her way on my wedding day to make sure everything went smoothly. The florist forgot to send a toss bouquet, which I ordered, and I was really upset. She took some flowers from our centerpiece and wrapped them in burlap and made a beautiful toss bouquet, it also relieved my stress. Just little things like that. I would recommend this venue to anyone and everyone wanting a special day with a beautiful venue, and awesome staff!! It was a wonderful day and so many people told us that it was the prettiest wedding they had ever been to! I think Haue Valley brides hear that a LOT!

Kelly - 2015 Bride

....where do I even begin? Haue Valley is AMAZING! It's the perfect rustic wedding setting. They made all our wedding dreams come true. They offer so many opportunities and options for a couple to personalize their special day. The staff are so nice and easy to work with; we could never thank Kristin and Dana enough for everything! They were patient, kind, and available for communication throughout the entire wedding planning process, and the big day itself! I have zero complaints or even suggestions for improvement; you have an amazing thing going and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and the couples blessed enough to visit you! Thank you for everything!

Heidi - 2015 Bride

Words can't just how wonderful our experience was at Haue Valley!! My husband and I were lucky that Haue added a Sunday option in October and we were able to scoop it up!! The day we toured the venue we fell in love with the it and knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate our union!! From day one the staff was very helpful and easy to work with. The day of the wedding Dana and Amelia did a fantastic job of making sure everything was setup as requested. The place looked beautiful and many of our guests commented at the gorgeous location of our wedding. We couldn't have been happier with our experience!! Not only are the people wonderful, but the property is just breathtaking! It was the perfect back drop for one of the most important days of our lives!! smile emoticon Thank you to the entire staff! We HIGHLY recommend Haue Valley!! :):):) 

A special thanks and shout out to Dana for graciously working with me after the wedding when I realized we left a couple of items behind. I really appreciated your flexibility and letting me come back and get the items!!

Megan - 2015 Bride

My husband and I got married at Haue Valley October 24, 2015! The team at Haue Valley is absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to make sure our special day was perfect! It definitely was that and so much more! The venue is absolutely beautiful and truly speaks for itself! Plus the owners continue to make changes that only improve it and make it more beautiful! I would definitely recommend Haue Valley to anyone for their big day! You definitely would not regret it!

Anne - 2016 Mother of the Groom

Thank you so much for providing an evening for our family and friends that we will never forget.  

It was truly a wedding to remember with beautiful views and scenery, games of friendly family competition, relaxed atmosphere, uniqueness and extraordinary service.  

We appreciate your family for opening your doors to this beautiful place so our family could create wonderful memories!  

Hannah - May 2016 Bride

Everything went SO SMOOTHLY on our big day. As the bride, there were no issues and our day was flawless. Our wedding coordinator, our groomsmen, and my husband who all set up for our big day, raved about how helpful the team from Haue Valley was during setup. From set up to the ceremony, dinner and reception, and tear down there was not a single issue noticeable to our guests or me. We are incredibly thankful for your help ensuring everything went smoothly.

Jessie - 2016 Bride

Where do we begin!?

I guess the place to start is with a simple, sincere "thank you". I've always dreamed of having a "dream wedding" and then, out of nowhere, the love of my life proposed, I found Haue Valley and wedding planned for a year, and it happened. There are so many facets of the day that I just cannot believe...cannot believe how beautiful, perfect, fun they were: beautiful weather (what are the odds?!), beautiful setting (that truly didn't even requiring decorating), perfect ceremony that went off without a hitch, and a fun night of drinks and dancing. Ryan and I would like to thank all of the Haue Valley team for playing SUCH a critical role in making our dream wedding come true.

From our first communications, up until saying goodbye to Dana on Friday, we've been truly impressed with the kind, professional nature of your team. I appreciated all of Kristin's prompt feedback, advice, and responses via email over the last year. We felt great as May approached because we were so confident that Haue Valley "had it covered". Thank you, Kristin, for keeping us informed and prepared for everything leading up to wedding day. Thank you to entire team for being so flexible and accommodating as well. We felt like we weren't "just another wedding" to the Haue Valley team, but rather, a special couple, that Haue Valley wanted to treat special and wanted to give us a special wedding.

Thursday was so great. I was so excited to get on the property and to see how amazing the grounds looked. Dana reassured me that everything was going to go smoothly (and it did). What a relief! Dana knows just what brides need! On Thursday (and alike on Friday), Dana was always "there", but you'd never know it. It was so great being able to rehearse exactly as we'd be doing it on Friday. That was such a relief to me - knowing all of the logistics and details of the ceremony. I was able to relax, talk with friends and family, and enjoy the rest of the evening. Thank you to the team for helping us prepare on Thursday: for having chairs and tables arranged (just as we'd hoped!), linens, "borrow" items set aside, extremely clean venue, beautifully kept grounds, and being there to help us get ready for Friday.

Friday! I was quarantined to the "bride's quarters" most of the afternoon, but I know that so much went on prior to the ceremony. Thank you for being there to help with set-up: I know there was a lot of family and friends running around like crazy! Thanks to your team for making sure we were ready to go by ceremony time. The rooms downstairs (bride's and groom's quarters) were wonderful. Us girls loved being down there - enough space, bathroom, and before the guys arrived, we were able to step outside for fresh air and a breath. I'm so glad we were able to be on the property beforehand to get ready (rather than at the hotel).

How did you get the chairs down so quickly!? Thank you! We were able to take pictures on the patio and walk around a bit to get some more shots. Thank you for that opportunity. It was so great to have the patio and lawn games for all of my younger cousins. Thanks for T's Liquor Lane! Drinks were great, Tammy was great to work with, and I'm very happy with her crew: we felt like we had a perfect amount of alcohol for our guests, but it was classy and under control. Thank you for being so accommodating to our band! I just finished a thank you to them as well because they were such a hit. We loved having the live music and they were so much fun for all of our guests. Thank you for being such a help with clean-up. I have no idea how everything got taken care of so quick, but it did! And a HUGE thank you for the Ayers picture frame. We couldn't believe it and hung it immediately. What a keepsake.

We wanted a wedding that was sincere. All about family. Outside, that reflected our Midwestern, country roots. An "organic" setting that wasn't full of artificial fluff. A ceremony that was from the heart and a meaningful set of vows. Music that, again, reflected our country roots. And an overall experience that was kind and happy. Thank you to Haue Valley for facilitating all of that. I hope you know that you played the biggest role in one of the biggest days of our lives. I probably didn't articulate it well enough, but THANK YOU.



Marie & Brian - 2016 Bride & Groom

We just want to thank you all again for your hospitality on our big day!! My husband and I are so thankful to have found your venue. It was absolutely beautiful!! We still have people telling us how amazing your venue is! I always make sure to follow that with how wonderful the staffing is as well.  You all went above and beyond - we wanted for nothing.

We can't express enough how thankful we are!

Groom - Spring 2016

My wife and I had the absolute best wedding experience at Haue Valley and April 22nd. They have indoor/outdoor options and the venue is absolutely gorgeous. It held 200 people comfortably and still left room for a large dance floor and bar area. They have an incredible staff that helped us every step of the way; from months prior to the wedding, until we left on our wedding night. Between the staff kindness, the beauty and options of the venue, as well as the amazing scenery, I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this venue is an I hope that you at the very least explore this venue for your wedding day!




Jessica - 2016 Bride

Kristin, you and the rest of your Haue Valley crew are truly amazing. Thanks for everything you did for us that day. Everything was beautiful and even more so than I could have imagined.

My mom, MIL, and Brandon have told me about all the things you were doing up there to help get everything ready. I can't say enough good things! I am so happy I had the opportunity to have our big day at your venue!!! And then to give us that adorable gift, you are the best. All of the work you guys put in to our day is greatly appreciated! We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Carla - 2016 Mother of the Bride

I just wanted to let you both know that everyone who attended Sunday's wedding and reception for Glynis and Ryan had a wonderful time and raved and raved about your beautiful venue!

I really don't think things could have been any better that day and all are still talking about how lovely things were.

Thank you so much for everything you did to help make their day so Very Special!  

DJ & Meredith - Spring 2016 Couple

Thank you so much for all you did for our wedding. It was absolutely amazing and more than we ever dreamed of. The venue is breath taking and we were so lucky to be able to be married at Haue Valley.

Dana, thank you especially for all you did. You made our day wonderful. Thank you also for watching our dogs. We loved having them with us on that day, and we appreciate you making them feel comfortable and welcome. You guys are truly amazing and we appreciate all that you did! 

Alaina - 2016 Bride

We planned our wedding at Haue Valley from Pennsylvania, and as you can imagine, there are unique challenges with planning long-distance. Haue Valley made those challenges virtually non-existent. Firstly, go look at their website. SO INFORMATIVE!!! Everything is there, and I especially love their list of items to borrow. THERE IS SO MUCH!! I felt like we brought almost nothing to my wedding because the venue provided SO MUCH absolutely beautiful and customizable decor. Also, communication with them leading up to my wedding was wonderful. We booked them a year and a half in advance, and were always in the know with our timeline and any questions we had were answered promptly. We even finagled a last-minute venue tour when we worked out a trip back to MO to run wedding errands. Day of, the venue was breathtaking (so many compliments), the staff was insanely helpful, and Kristin fulfilled my dream of having some wedding photos with cows!!! The grounds offer so much versatility for pictures (water feature, fields, vineyard setup, covered rustic bridge, COWS.. I am just smitten with how wonderfully they helped me pull off the wedding I had envisioned for so long. I am still so elated, I am writing this review on my honeymoon because I don't know how to thank them enough! WONDERFUL!!



Kaci - 2016 Bride

Our experience at Haue Valley couldn't have been any better. This venue is absolutely gorgeous and the staff is SO wonderful. Our wedding day was quite literally the best day of our life together as husband and wife

We found Haue Valley a little less than two years before our wedding date, pretty much right after we got engaged, and immediately fell in love! They kept in touch the entire time while we were finishing college, answered all of my silly questions that would pop in my head at any given moment and allowed for our big day to be absolutely amazing with their kindness and help that made it so special. They felt like family!!

The best part about finding this place so early in our engagement, was seeing the wonderful transformations that happened within that time frame. It made us that much more excited for our big day and we were not disappointed!!

We will definitely be keeping this gorgeous venue in mind for future events and pictures; as it is one of the most memorable places to us as a couple and it will always have a special place in our hearts!



Erin & Ben - Fall 2016 Bride and Groom

Thank you for letting us share our special day at your beautiful farm!

Everyone was so helpful and nice! A huge thanks to Kristin for going above and beyond. (That granola bar helped me survive until dinner!)

Whitney & Patrick - Fall 2016 Bride and Groom

Through our search for an indoor/outdoor, rustic, wooded venue, Patrick and I stumbled on Haue Valley in June of 2015. We toured the venue in the pouring rain and it was still absolutely stunning. It could not have been a more perfect find.

From Day 1, Kristin and Dana were amazing. They were quick to answer any questions we had, and checked in with us throughout our many months of planning. The property itself is gorgeous, but the resources this venue offers are equally incredible. Upon booking, we were given a packet which included FAQ, sample reception layouts, measurements for the tables and rooms, and more. There were multiple “Open Houses” held every few months to give any booked brides a chance to re-visit, walk around, play with ideas, ask questions, etc. We were even able to bring our photographer and videographer with us to scout the farm.

They offered a “borrow closet” where we could use anything we wanted for our wedding - as long as we left something behind for the next bride. This was HUGE for us. We were able to use so many things: lanterns, wood rounds, burlap runners, signs, votive holders, and the list goes on. All of these items are cataloged on their website by number, and we were able to pick everything out weeks ahead of the big day. The day of the wedding, everything was pulled and ready for us on a cart. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful this was to our out-of-town family that had never been to the venue but needed to decorate. Amazing.

On the day of the wedding, the staff was so incredibly helpful. They helped with the setup of tables and chairs, helped our family decorate, shuttled the bridal party on the Gator when we encountered a muddy spot during photos, kept the fireplace roaring, and watched to make sure the candle lit for our loved ones in heaven stayed lit the entire night.

We can’t even begin to express our gratitude to this family business. To say we had a pleasant experience is an understatement. Our day was perfect and magical, and our guests were blown away by everything about. We are so fortunate to have found Haue Valley, and they will hold a special place in our hearts every time we look back on October 23, 2016.




Melanie - Fall 2016 Bride

Haue Valley is absolutely amazing. I can't dream of a better place for us to share our big day.

The people who work here put so much heart into it and it truly shows. You have no worries on your big day and it is the best feeling.

We had people talking about how amazing the venue was all night. I am so happy we got to share the best day of our lives together here, there is no where else we would have rather been!

Emma - Fall 2016 Bride

Haue Valley was amazing to work with! After our first open house visit, we were sold. With the option of having the ceremony and reception at the same location, it was nice for our guest to not have to travel afterwards and nice for us to not rent transportation for pictures; We even had access to the entire farm! Everything in the borrow room was SUPER helpful and definitely used! The beautiful room for the bride and her girls to get ready in was amazing and had plenty of space. The amazing staff was always there if we had any questions or concerns! If I could do it all over again, I would choose Haue Valley EVERY time!!



Nicole - Spring 2016 Bride

Haue Valley made our wedding day perfect on May 7th 2016!

It was everything we could have dreamed of. Cozy, country, and beautiful! Even a storm rolling through couldn't dampen our big day! Thanks for everything!

Kim - Fall 2016 Bride

By far the best venue!

The background how Kristin and her Dad built this amazing venue is a blessing to me. Family is everything to me. Brad & loved the entire night!

From the hospitality to the lighting, to the natural smell of cut wood! Turned out to be a beautiful night in October! Thank you again! - We recommended you for 110% and it was a pleasure meeting your dad!

Katie - Fall 2016 Bride

The venue itself is breathtaking and so unique! We received so many compliments on the location alone. The grounds were/are beautiful. It was extremely clean. The bathrooms were spotless. The groom and brides suites are a huge seller.The closet of goodies! I CANNOT say it enough that the closet alone sets this venue apart from any other. This was the selling point for me. I made and bought a lot of things to use as decor, but half of the decorations at our wedding were from Haue's closet. The thing that I like most about it is that there is SO much to choose from. I never worried that our wedding was going to look the same as someone before us. That closet literally kept me sane as a bride. The staff there was so welcoming and easy to work with. From back and forth emails, multiple trips to open houses, to phone calls leading up to our big day, I never felt like I was being bothersome to them. The day of they made sure everything ran smoothly. I never once felt stressed, which for a bride was huge! Everyone was incredibly friendly and I couldn't thank each of them enough. They even took us to take pictures with the cows! 

Valerie - Winter 2016 Bride

Originally my fiance and I decided to get married back in Texas where we are from but when we discovered Haue Valley we knew we did not want to get married anywhere but on their beautiful property. The land and charming barn-like lodge are absolutely stunning! We began planning our special day by meeting with Kristin, the owner. She gave us a tour of the property and answered all the questions we had. She and the rest of their staff are the most incredibly kind and helpful people! They did everything in their power to create the vision we had for our wedding. Because my parents are from Texas, they could not easily come on an Open House night (which is a great option for couples to play around with ideas for the big day), so Kristin gladly met with us at a later date. She gave a tour and then allowed us time to do a trial table with decorations.

Let me just stop here and say how incredible their closet of decorations is!

One of the costs that can easily skyrocket for a wedding can be the decorations, whether that be renting or purchasing. Haue Valley has a closet FULL of vases, glass jars, mason jars, votive holders, cedar planks, table runners, burlap, signs, etc. and yard games such as a giant Jenga set, Yatzee, and bags! And it is ALL included as part of the rental. You just let the staff know which pieces you wish to use and they will have it ready for you to decorate on your big day!

Our wedding decorations were ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and we did not have to add much else to the choices we had pulled. We got married on the coldest day of the year in 2016. It was a chilling 4 degrees on our big day. There were concerns of travel because of ice days leading up to the big day, but Kristin had kept in contact with me to let me know what the conditions were like at the site and assure me that they were prepared to plow if it snowed. Lucky for us there was only a light dusting of snow that made the backdrop for our pictures look whimsically romantic. My husband and I cannot stop thinking of how perfect and beautiful our wedding was! We may be slightly biased but many of our friends and family members commented on it being one of the most elegant and charming weddings they have ever attended.

We had a FANTASTIC experience with Haue Valley, we are now recommending it to all couples looking for a venue or people looking for a venue for any occasion. We want to have another party just to plan it at Haue Valley, that's how much we love it!



Tayler & Trey - Fall 2015

Thank you so much for all of your help with our wedding day and the time leading up to it. We couldn't have been blessed with a kinder or more helpful staff.

We're so glad we chose y'all for our big day!

Dana, thank you so much for your help setting up. Kristin, thank you for helping us take everything down and being so prompt with answering emails :) 

Amanda - Spring 2017 Bride

Kristin and the staff at Haue Valley are amazing!! Look no further, this is the place of your dreams! From the second I sent my first email, I was impressed. The response time is very quick, the venue is absolutely gorgeous, you can barrow so many items for decorations, and there are amazing photo opps around their property. The planning process was easy, there are open houses you can attend to help plan all your details. The day of went flawless, Kristin was right there to help me with things before I even knew what I needed! They have a beautiful ceremony spot with a very pretty view, the reception hall is ready to go with a dance floor, seating area, prep area for the caterer, bar for the bartender, and bathrooms. It can be set up for inside or outside, if it rains there is a covered walk way so the bride doesn't get wet walking from her getting ready room. My guests are still complimenting me on how beautiful the venue and reception was. I cannot give enough of a positive review of this place. Perfect wedding day!!

Breanna - Fall 2017 Bride

We just got married here yesterday and I wanted to write a review while the day was still fresh in my mind. I could not have asked for a more perfect day or location. The gorgeous fall weather certainly helped, but it would have been nothing without the beautiful venue and backdrop or the seriously amazing staff.


My husband and I had already researched venues before we were engaged and booked Haue basically as soon as I said yes and had a two year engagement. It has been amazing to witness all of the changes that Kristin and her family have put into the venue. I was excited for every single one and never had any concerns. The planning process was a breeze and Kristin was so helpful every step of the way, and I love how she makes it have a community feel with past and future brides there between the Facebook groups, email updates, and open houses. It was a complete experience. Any suggestions she gave I completely trusted and I knew she would help make the day perfect.

The day of was a dream. Kristin was so helpful with setup even after I realized I made a mistake and asked for 32 seats at the head table instead of 16. The borrow closet is one of the best parts of the venue, I barely had to buy anything and the setup looked like it came out of a designer catalog when we were done getting it ready.

Kristin was great about letting us know what was up and keeping us calm. She drove us around the farm afterwards for pictures like a boss and it was so fun to hear her stories and input about her family's property.

All in all what makes this venue special is its incredible value, the attention to details, the friendly and helpful staff, and the constant improvement. Most importantly, is the passion of Kristin and her family and staff for their property and for creating an incredible experience. There is so much care and love there that just permeates the atmosphere and energy of everyone. I could not have asked for anything more from them. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful day that my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Ellen - Fall 2017 Bride

I could never fully put into words how we feel about Haue Valley. The venue, property, staff, owners...simply incredible. From start to finish, they made planning my wedding a breeze! It all started with the farm tour on the gator with Kristin. I looked back at my parents. They saw the twinkle in my eye and I saw it in theirs. We were all in love.


We were married at Haue Valley on September 2, 2017. My guests RAVED about how beautiful everything was from the venue down to the centerpieces and landscaping. If you're planning your own wedding right now and are stressing out about table decor and what you will do with 18 terrariums when it's over, you need to check out the amazing 'borrow closet.' It has literally every single thing you could ever imagine or dream of having at your wedding. I am a designer and very picky about getting what I like. I loved every item in that closet so much, I didn't even decorate my tables! My aunt did! I knew there was no way it would come out anything less than amazing and I was right!

As someone who had never planned a wedding before, knowing what vendors are good can be a challenge. Not at Haue Valley! Even that was made easy for me by using the list of recommended vendors they provided. They like to work with the best and I trusted their guidance. We chose Pappys to cater and Ts liquor lane for the bar. Both were extremely easy to work with and 4 days out, we are still hearing about how terrific the food was and what a nice change from traditional wedding food!

The history, picturesque views, charm and family will have us returning to Haue Valley every chance we get! You will not be disappointed booking here. I've been told multiple times what a stress-free, laid back bride I was and it was 100% because of Haue Valley. They left me with absolutely nothing to worry about.

Jordan - Fall 2017 Bride

From the second we toured the venue and farm, we knew it was the place for our wedding. The gorgeous scenery speaks for itself and needs little help becoming a beautiful wedding backdrop. 


Our day was absolutely perfect thanks to the Haue Valley staff. They are pure professionals at what they do and it shows how much love & heart they put into their work. Before I had the chance to worry about something, it was handled. 

The accommodations for the bridal party make relaxation and comfort possible and help the day stay fun and relaxing! The golf cart to help get around the farm make those beautiful scenery photos happen without the workout!

Haue Valley is always asking for feedback and making changes that couples are seeking out to stay ahead in the wedding game. Don't be surprised if between booking and your wedding date they've added something awesome to make your day even better! 
Thank you all so very much! Devin and I are forever grateful for the perfect wedding.

Katie - Fall 2017 Bride

We don't know where to begin on the amazing staff and most beautiful venue we could imagine! We got married on Friday September 1st, and the week leading up to that Friday was tough. Between a death in the family the groom being stuck in Houston trying to get to St. Louis, Kristin and Dana went above and beyond to make the week and wedding day so special!


What we loved most about Haue Valley was the staff, the views where beautiful and the weather was perfect but Kristin and Dana were what sold it for me. The ladies made the wedding day go smoothly and they went above and beyond to help set up and to make sure that the groom and myself had the best day possible.

Being from Houston, Texas and having to plan long distance was not an easy task but with the help and recommendations of Haue Valley, the planning was a breeze. Haue Valley was the first place I looked and I knew from the moment I pulled on to the property it was the perfect spot.

I will never be able to thank everyone for all they did to make our day so special but a huge thank you to Haue Valley and everyone who made our day so special