Introducing the New Ceremony Area

We're SO EXCITED to announce the new Haue Valley ceremony area is now open! We know our couples love the upper patio, but we think you'll fall in love even harder with the new patio. 

Here's why: 

  • It's naturally more shaded, which is really ideal for pictures and your guests' comfort. (No squinty eyed photos because you're staring into the sun or guests baking on warm days!)
  • It's secluded. The intimate feel you get when you walk down the aisle is something you just have to feel to understand. It's been likened to an outdoor church - meaning there is really something special and indescribable in this new location. Plus there is no chance that the parking lot will show up in your ceremony pictures. 
  • It makes better use of the overall space. It allows the upper patio to be used for games before the ceremony for guests who arrive early, and cocktails and our mini photo booth in the upper patio arbor following the ceremony. 
  • The view rocks. The view is very similar to the upper patio, except you get a better view of the lake. Check out the video below and pictures attached to see what I mean.
  • It's accessible. The new ceremony area is also wheelchair accessible and the access to the new location from the bride and groom room is ideal.
  • It's unique in St. Louis. It's one of the only ceremony spots in St. Louis that your photographer / videographer can get outdoor ceremony shots from above the ceremony (from over the railing on the dance floor).  
  • It still means your DJ doesn't have to move locations. Your DJ will still be able to setup in the same spot on the dance floor and see the ceremony from above. 

Thank you to Applause Weddings for creating these awesome videos for us and to AP Photography for sharing these watermarked photos.


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