An Elegant Woodland Wedding Near St. Louis

Michayla & Logan - November 17, 2017

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The Beginning of Their Love Story

Logan and Michayla met in high school and it was basically love at first sight. Michayla was the "new girl" at school and a friend told her to check out this band, which Logan just happened to be in.  A few weeks later, completely by random, the two met at church. (Cue the fireworks) 

Suddenly, the two kept running into one another everywhere. It was like the world kept bringing them back together, in the hallway at school, at church. 

A few weeks later Logan worked up the nerve to ask Michayla to prom just three days before the event. Luckily, she already had a ticket and a dress. The two awkwardly headed off to prom together, never expecting to one day get married, but love finds a way.


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The Proposal

On a cold December day, just a few days before Christmas in 2016, Logan and Michayla had tickets to see a jazz show. Logan said he wanted to go see the Christmas lights at Art Hill and go to dinner before the show. 

Unfortunately (according to Michayla) she had been in a terrible mood all day and kept telling Logan there weren't any lights on Art Hill. Logan was persistent and insisted they try. When they two finally got to Art Hill, there were no lights, except for one bridge that was glowing in beautiful Christmas lights. Logan took Michayla to the bridge and popped the question. To this day she doesn't remember actually saying yes, just giggling. Thenewly engaged duo continued the celebration with a beautiful night in the city before later sharing the good news with friends and family.

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Their WoodSy Haue Valley Wedding Day

Michayla contacted Haue Valley shortly after Christmas 2016 and quickly came out to tour the venue. The two snagged up a lovely late November Friday and quickly got to planning an elegant and woodsy affair with plenty of personal touches. 

Several months before their wedding Haue Valley began construction of a new ceremony area and the two instantly fell in love with the new space. Their ceremony was one of the first facing south on the new ceremony patio, (and was prior to the addition of the new stone wall and wood doors on that end of the patio. Watch our blog for pictures of this new addition coming soon.)

The two were married by their dear friend and mentor Danny Bowers in a sweet and personal ceremony captured by Emmalie Christine Photography. We are seriously so in love with all of these beautiful images. We can't wait to see the video by Cassandra Isabell Photo.

Music for the ceremony and reception was provided by Hound Sounds, and dinner was prepared by Two Mike's Catering.

We can't forget Michayla's amazing dress by White Traditions Bridal, Logans chic suit custom made in Romania, or the beautiful flowers DIY'd by Michayla's amazing mom and grandma. 

One final point Michayla and Logan were so kind to allow us to share is that their entire wedding budget was $13,500. Isn't this just an amazingly beautiful event on a budget? :) 

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Choosing Haue Valley

From Michayla

"There are so many reasons we chose Haue Valley. I could try to explain all of them, but really Haue Valley is just magical. You walk onto this beautiful farm and life stops for a moment. It's so quiet and beautiful on the farm. We instantly fell in love with space and the people. It was so important to us to work with people who really cared about our day and the Haue Valley staff not only cares, but will do just about anything to ensure that your day with them is the best of your life - that's something money can't buy, guys!"

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"My advice would be that you can work on details for hours, but at the end of the day it will go by so fast and you won’t even notice. Someone told me once to go stand in a corner for a minute and just watch things happen. Watch your guests and your parents and soak it all in. You have to intentionally remember things, otherwise you’ll forget," said Michayla.

"The other piece of advice I would give is to delegate tasks. So many people will want to help, and as hard as it was for me to let things be out of my control, I couldn’t have done it on my own. And it ended up being even better than expected."


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A Sweet Ending to the Perfect Day

These two lovebirds' first date was at Steak and Shake. It's always been a special place to them and they knew they wanted to end the evening with a few fun photos at their favorite spot. Aren't these just ADORABLE?!


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The Vendor Team


P.S. -  The photo below was snapped by Haue Valley. This is not a professional photo by Emmalie Christine, but we loved it and wanted to share it with you too!


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