A Vintage French Country Wedding 

Lauren & William - October 20, 2017



A Little About These Two Lovebirds

Lauren and Billy are such genuinely nice people, just our favorite kind of couple here at Haue Valley!  

Their love story actually started back at Pacific High School. The two met through mutual friends at a get together, where Billy definitely took an interest in Lauren, but she wasn't quite so sure. Billy unfortunately became ill and Lauren ended up coming to his aid. The next day Lauren received a text from an unknown number. It turns out it was Billy thanking her for staying by his side, and they've been by each others side ever since.




The Proposal 

So often, someone has a great idea for the most perfect proposal, but life throws a wrench in the plan. In Billy's case, the restaurant he was planning on proposing to Lauren at was closed on Sunday's, the only day they had together! Life was crazy at that time and with Lauren finishing up nursing school, his son in the middle of football season, and working two jobs, time and money were in short supply.  Billy couldn't wait another day and decided he would just propose when it felt "right." 

Sunday came and the three (Lauren, Billy, and Billy's son Landon) headed off to Landon's football game and then headed back to Lauren's moms house for lunch. He asked if the three of them could take a family photo.  They ventured outside with Lauren's mom and sisters and Billy ran to the car to grab his new phone (to take the picture).  While there he snuck the ring in his pocket. 

To Lauren's genuine surprise, Billy dropped down on one knee as they were taking the picture to ask for her hand in marriage.  

Lauren's response, "SHUT UP!"

This special moment was captured on camera and by video by Lauren's family. And according to Lauren, the proposal wasn't what Billy had been planning for, but it turned out just the was it was supposed to. "It wasn't perfect, but it was our kind of perfect." 




Their French Country Haue Valley wedding

Lauren & Billy's wedding took place on a prime October Saturday in 2017. Leading up to the big day, Lauren was most looking forward to their vows. 

"I was looking forward to saying my vows not only to my husband, but also to my step-son. Landon has been our foundation through this relationship in regards to guiding us in making the right decisions and staying true to one another," said Lauren.

"Billy said that he was most excited to see me walk down the aisle to him as his fiance and walking back with me as his wife. Landon's favorite part of the whole ceremony was that we now all share the same last name."

Following the beautiful ceremony at Haue Valley, Two Mike Catering provided a wonderful meal, and the couples friends and family danced the night away with tunes from Prestige Worldwide.

We are still swooning over all of these beautiful images of the day captured by Simply Gracious Photography



choosing Haue Valley

From Lauren

We chose Haue Valley because of everything the space has to offer. Billy actually found the venue first when he was driving past it on a delivery (back when he was working his second job.) Mind you, we weren't engaged yet. He immediately called me and asked me look the place up. When Billy was done with his shift he stopped by on his way home and found me with the biggest smile on my face I have ever had.

He walked in and I said, "This is the place where we will get married."

We both just knew. It was beautiful, is in our hometown, and we could have our ceremony AND reception in the same location.

We sat down together, picked a date, and the rest is history.





Book early! 

We booked before being engaged and it was our best decision yet. We picked our amazing date without having to worry about it already being taken.


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