A Super-Sweet St. Louis Wedding

Jordan & Devin - September 17, 2017

Their Love Story

Jordan & Devin both have huge, giving hearts. That compassion drew them both to nursing school. There, they would occasionally see one another around campus, but had never officially met.

Flash forward to a day when Jordan was donating blood and Devin was passing out snacks to the donors. Just a little light-headed from the blood draw, Jordan said something a little funny. Devin saw it as a great opportunity for some well-timed teasing and things were off to a great start.

They ran into one another again several days later studying for finals and the rest is history. 

While these two never expected to meet and fall head over heels in love, they definitely agree that they have found their soulmate in one another

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The Proposal

It's obvious that family is important to these two, and it's fitting that Devin would propose to Jordan on a trip that is special to their family. Every year Jordan's family takes a fishing trip to Bennett Springs State Park. On Devin's third annual trip with the family, he proposed in private to Jordan, and the two were able to celebrate with loved ones soon after. 


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Sweet Vows & Sweet Treats

When looking for a venue, Jordan and Devin decided that a location that could accommodate a ceremony and reception in one location was a must. Jordan also wanted to find a venue was beautiful "raw" and didn't need much decor to be beautiful and they decided Haue Valley was the perfect fit. 

Jordan & Devin were married at Haue Valley in September 2017.  Of all of the exciting moments of the day to look forward to, Jordan was most excited about their first look photos and video. In the nursing field, these two often see one another in scrubs, with messy hair and a wee bit exhausted. The thought of getting dressed up with Colleen K Photography and Applause Productions there ready to capture the special moment was a highlight of the day.

These two were blessed with beautiful weather and enjoyed dancing the night away to music from Applause Productions, after a lovely dinner by our friends at Graze Catering.


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Advice From The Bride

Don't sweat the small stuff. I found myself struggling over decisions that literally did not matter. For example, where to put the return address stamp on the invitations (left corner or back flap?). Why was I wasting energy on this when no one would even notice? Decide what tasks are just that ... tasks ... and delegate those decisions to other helpers. Then you can keep your energy and spirits up for the big stuff, like how much champagne you can drink while getting ready ;)!

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