A Delightful and Gorgeous Wedding in St. Louis


November 2nd, 2018

Finding the someone that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with is hard and takes time, but when you finally do it’s like it took no time at all, and you are finally home.

Haue Valley, Todd Studios Photography
Haue Valley, Todd Studios Photography


Meeting each other on Match.com wasn’t what Andrew & Kellie ever thought that they would be telling their loved ones, but it is what started their love story. Kellie & Andrew had been messaging each other off and on again, and they never really connected they way they wanted to. Andrew lived over an hour away and Kellie didn’t think he was that interested in her, until one day Andrew reached out and asked Kellie out on a date. Kellie’s cat was very sick, so she wasn’t sure if she would actually go on the date. Her mother talked her into it, and Kellie was glad she did, because the couple hit it off.

haue valley, Todd Studios Photography
haue valley , Todd Studios Photography


The couple loves to hike, so one day they decided to explore Olympic National Park in Washington. Kellie was trying to fix her camera, so she was getting a bit cranky. There was a view that caught Kellie’s eye, so Andrew told her to take a photo. While she was trying to capture the photo, she heard a shaky voice say her name. Kellie was sure that there was a bear or mountain lion ready to eat her and Andrew, yet when she turned around she wasn’t met with a horrifying blood hungry animal, but with Andrew down on one knee asking for her hand. She was overjoyed to say yes, and was relieved that they didn’t die.

haue valley Todd Studios Photography
haue valley Todd Studios Photography


Andrew & Kellie wanted a simple and beautiful wedding. Haue Valley was the venue that was able to provide the couple with a simple yet beautiful layout that was easy to setup and easy to manage. The Venue was able to give the happy couple everything they could have wanted. Todd Studios Photography brought out the delightful flare and elegant style of Kellie & Andrews wedding. Carousel Florist provided lovely bouquets that add just the right amount of color. Graze Catering filled everyone’s stomachs with their wonderful buffet. Harter Bakery had everyone devouring the gorgeous set up of sweets they provided. Finally, Big Show Productions had the dance floor packed with dancers as they dropped some sick beats.

haue valley Todd Studios Photography
haue valley Todd Studios Photography


Officiant: Matt Ayres

Photographer: Todd Studios Photography

DJ: Big Show Productions

Flowers: Carousel Florist

Catering: Graze Catering

Sweets: Harter Bakery

Venue: Haue Valley

haue valley Todd Studios Photography